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Have you felt that sex should be better? There are many factors that can decrease the sensitivity of your genital areas. One of the main causes is vaginal births, where excessive stretching of the vagina is common. The tissue damage from this reduces the supports and strengths of the muscles plus it widens the vagina so sex is just not the same. Luckily, this vaginal looseness can be improved.


V-Lase is an innovative technology that uses a special advanced laser to rejuvenate and thicken the vaginal tissues. A special wand is applied inside the vagina to tighten vaginal mucosa, stimulate youthful collagen production, and revive atrophic or thin tissue. The outer vulvar tissue is also treated which tightens the skin, improves the external appearance, and enhances sensitivity. The whole procedure reclaims, restores and revives feminine wellness. There is no discomfort and no downtime from the procedure. Most patients say the procedure enhances the sensitivity of the area resulting in heightened response and improved sexual satisfaction that can last for months to years after the procedure. It may improve mild urine leakage, vaginal atrophy from lack of hormones, and vaginal dryness. V-Lase treatments are one of the many options to improve the tightness of your vagina. If excessive looseness is present, we also offer surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedures. In fact, if you do the V-Lase treatments and you still have much looseness that persists, we offer these surgical options at a markedly discounted price so you have little to lose but much to gain.


Generally, women receive V-Lase treatments once a month for three months, then every 6-12 months for “booster” treatments. The procedures are performed in our office with no anesthetic and there is no pain associated with the treatments. Patients state they experience a warm sensation in the treated areas only. Each treatment takes less than 30 minutes to perform. Patients return to normal activities immediately; even sex can be resumed that evening. The treatments are very safe and effective. Patients are comfortable during the procedures and very pleased with the results.


See what patients are saying about V-Lase: “I love the results of the V-Lase treatments. My sensations during sex are definitely improved. And I did it without surgery. The treatments were comfortable and I felt totally relaxed. I had sex the same night of the treatment and had no problems. There were no blisters, burns, or complications.” LK “It’s a very comfortable treatment and with absolutely no complications. For sure I felt my vaginal tissues tighten and the outside appearance improved too with better sensation. It looks better and feels better; what a great combination!” AT


See if you’re a candidate for V-Lase by taking this brief quiz:

  • Do you feel “loose” vaginally since childbirth and/or menopause?
  • Do you feel dry during intercourse?
  • Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?
  • Do you occasionally dribble or leak urine when you sneeze, cough or exercise?
  • Have you ever “not quite made it” to the bathroom on time?
  • Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes?
  • Are you experiencing a loss of self-confidence? Loss of interest in sex? Loss of desire?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for V-Lase. At the least, you should be evaluated to see if there are other reasons why you are having these problems so we can address all your issues. We can then help you return to a more fulfilled sex life and better quality of life.

Improve your sexual health

V-Lase is a great option to improve your sexual experience. However, other internal problems can also affect your sexual life. These can include a lack of hormones, obesity, the aging process, and medical illnesses. All can diminish sensations that should occur during sexual activity. These changes can reduce sexual satisfaction and reduce your quality of life. Luckily, we can help you restore your vaginal health in many ways for better sex. If you think you may have problems related to these issues, we can help. We have options that can improve your health, including hormone pellet therapy, weight-reduction programs, age-management, and treatment of many medical conditions. Make a consultation with us to find out how we can help you take care of all these health factors plus improve your sexual health.

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