Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery FAQs Dallas

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery FAQs Dallas

What is Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery?

Through vaginal cosmetic surgery, we can reconstruct your vagina and the appearance of your genital areas to give you a more beautiful, a more youthful looking, and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

After vaginal childbirth, many women say that sex is just not the same because they don’t have the same youthful “tightness” that they had before the baby “stretched” their vagina wide. Usually the muscles of the vagina have been spread so wide that they cannot squeeze adequately during intercourse, resulting in less sexual gratification. A vaginal rejuvenation repairs these problems and reconstructs the vagina into more what she had before the birth of her children.

Is the procedure of a labioplasty painful?

During the procedure, patients are given mild sedation and a local anesthetic which numbs the area totally. They fee a few stings initially, but these are well tolerated due to the mild sedation. Postoperatively, because of the advanced technique created by Dr. True, most patients do not have a lot of pain after the procedure. Both labioplasty and clitoral hood reduction can be performed at the same time with the same minimal postoperative pain.

Is the procedure of vaginal rejuvenation painful?

During the procedure, the patient feels a small amount of burning sensation from the local anesthetic, but then the area becomes numb and no further pain is experienced during the actual procedure. Postoperatively patients do exhibit pain, but we give pain medicines to the patient plus special suppositories that can continue to numb the areas, which help the patient get remarkable relief.

What is the cost of these procedures?

Each procedure is priced according to time and difficulty in doing the procedure. The cost can vary from as low as $2500 up to $8,500, depending on what procedures the patient desires. Only a consultation with us will help you know exactly what the best price will be for your particular needs.

Where are these procedures performed?

Most cosmetic vaginal cosmetic procedures are performed in our AAAHC accredited surgicenter. Occasionally they can also be performed in a hospital, particularly when other procedures will be performed at the same time, such as hysterectomies or bladder repairs.

What is a labioplasty?

A labioplasty, also sometimes spelled labiaplasty, is a surgical procedure that reduces excessively long labia in a cosmetic fashion. Due to genetic factors, pregnancy and simply age, the labia minora, i.e. the inner lips of the vulva, can enlarge and elongate, making them not look good and functionally become a nuisance. Many women are concerned about this appearance and some have lowered self-esteem because of this. A labioplasty makes the labia look more youthful and sexier.

How is a labioplasty performed?

Using mild sedation and a local anesthetic, the labia are measured and trimmed and then their length is reduced by excising a part the excess protruding labial tissue. There are many techniques to performing this procedure. Dr. True has created his own unique technique that gives the woman a more natural and beautiful look to her labia and vulvar areas.

How is vaginal rejuvenation performed?

First, mild sedation is given and then the entire vaginal area is numbed with the use of a local anesthetic called tumescent fluid. The muscles are exposed and then brought back together with surgical sutures. The perineum that was widened with the vaginal birth is also repaired and brought back together. The result is a more functional vagina that is tighter to enhance a woman’s sexual satisfaction.

Who is the best surgeon for performing these procedures?

The best surgeon for these procedures should be a physician who is personable, caring and understands what women want. He/she should be well trained, have extensive experience, and be knowledgeable about not only the procedures, but about the proper functioning of the genital areas for the woman. We recommend you choose a physician who is board certified in both gynecology and in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Robert L True is board certified in both these fields and is uniquely qualified to perform these procedures for optimal results.

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