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Looking for a newer and improved method for body contouring? If you have abnormal deposits of fat in areas of your body that you want to reshape, we offer a variety of liposculpturing services that can help. One is called SmartLipo Laser lipolysis. This is a revolutionary new advance in cosmetic surgery to assist the surgeon in body contouring. The technique utilizes a laser under the skin to improve the results of the liposuction. Advantages of using the laser for body contouring are improved skin tightening, smoother skin, less bleeding, less trauma and quicker recovery.

There are many types of lasers that can do laser lipolysis. These lasers differ in multiple ways, but the primary difference is in the wavelength of light that they utilize to transmit the energy to the tissue. Some concentrate more on delivering the energy to water, some to fat, some to pigmented areas, and others mixed. The results vary remarkably and are dependent on physician skill.

The physician’s skill is probably the most important aspect of laser lipolysis and body contouring. Laser lipolysis is not a stand alone procedure. This technology can ‘melt’ fat, but one still needs to remove the fat with suctioning and to sculpture the areas treated in an aesthetic manner for the best results. It certainly can provide mild tightening of the skin at the same time as the liposculpting services are provided. It can be a great option for you if you have unwanted bulges of fat on your body and want to improve your body’s silhouette. If you are located in the Grapevine and Colleyville area, contact Dr. True today about smartlipo!

SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis at a Glance

Treatment For

Unwanted fatty bulges on your body that are a concern

Expected Result

Reduced fatty area with mild tightening of these skin areas

Treatment Time

One to several hours, depending on the number of areas treated


A day to a few weeks, depending on individual responses

For Best Result

For people of normal to mildly above normal weight

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