Dallas Liposuction

Dallas Liposuction

Do you have areas of fat on your body that you just can’t seem to reduce despite all the exercising and dieting that you do? If so, there is still hope with liposuction. You can have the body you want through body contouring techniques including liposuction. This trusted and popular procedure can sculpt your body into more of the shape you would like it to be, also called liposculpture. We utilize the latest advances in office-based Liposculpture procedures. These improve the body’s contour by removing excess fat from fatty deposits located between the skin and muscle. Areas improved with liposuction may include your chin, upper arms, chest, breast, abdomen, back bra area, waist, love handles (muffin tops), inner thighs, outer thighs and knees.

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Types of Liposculpture

Awake Liposuction

Almost all of the liposuction procedures we do are performed while you are awake, otherwise known as Awake Liposuction This has proven to be the safest method of doing liposuction. Performed in our office using only local anesthetic and mild sedation, we can reduce and reshape the fatty areas that are a problem for you. It is one of the many Awake procedures we do in our accredited AAAHC facility.

Smartlipo and ThermiTight Procedures

If your skin needs a little tightening along with liposuction, you may want to have the SmartLipo or ThermiTight procedure performed too. Here, laser energy or radio frequency energy is used just under the numb skin for this tightening. These heat the collagen fibrils under the skin, which makes then contract; the result is mild skin tightening and a smoother result. Of course, this is only helpful for mild skin tightening, but can be very helpful in the appropriate patient.

Butt Lift Fat Transfer

Once the liposuction is performed, the next question is, “How can we use the fat we just removed for your benefit?” We can actually harvest your fat with the liposuction procedure, which contours your body and gives us fat which we can then reinject into areas of your body that you feel need more volume. Some of these areas include the face, the breasts and the buttocks.

Liposuction Chin

If you suffer from a fatty chin, many times the fat can be liposuctioned and the skin tightened with SmartLipo to give you a better definition to your chin. This not only can reduce the fat in the chin, but can also enhance your jawline and contour. However, some people also need a chin lift too, so come in for a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for liposuction of your chin.

Liposuction Arms

You may complain that your upper arms sag down excessively with fat. This can especially happen after losing weight. For most patients, we recommend liposuction removal of the fat, leaving about the same amount of fat all around the upper arm. Laser tightening of the skin can help too, but if excess skin is present, you may need a brachioplasty too after the liposuction has been performed.

Liposuction Muffin Tops

Do you notice extra bulging along the bra strap areas on your back? Are you ready to reduce your muffin tops? Liposuction is an ideal method to sculpture your back and flanks to give you a more feminine shape and the curves you want. Men hate the love handles too, and these can also be reduced with liposuction.

Liposuction Chest

Chest fat can be reduced to give you a better contour. Some women have bulges on the sides of their chests, and some men have developed fatty breasts, called “man boobs”. Liposuction can reduce the side chest walls to enhance your breasts, and it can reduce a man’s breasts to flatten his chest and reduce those man boobs.

Liposuction Abdomen & Hips

If you suffer from excess fat in the front of your belly, or side muffin tops or a fatty waist, liposuction can sculpture these into a more flat, elegant and feminine form. However, if the lower belly skin is too stretched out or is of excess, a tummy tuck may be necessary to give you that flat tummy look that you want.

Liposuction Inner Thighs

Do you despise those saddlebags on your outer thighs or those bulges of fat in between your thighs that sometimes rubs against itself? Liposuction can reshape the legs into a more beautiful shapely form. Legs with straight lines on the borders and an open area in between the two legs is what we try to achieve to give you more sexy thighs.

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