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Dallas Breast Lift & Reduction

Many women after pregnancy(s), after weight loss, or naturally complain that their breasts sag and aren’t perky. If you have this problem, we can help you with a breast lift procedure. You can have breasts that are raised up, have fullness in the upper part of your breasts, and have perky breasts with your nipples pointing forward via a breast lift procedure at our office.

Breast Lift Before and After Photos

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Breast Lift At a Glance


A breast lift, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to raise and reshape the breasts. During breast lift surgery, the sagging excess skin and fat are removed, and the breast is raised and lifted to a more natural shape. The nipples and areolas (pigmented areas around the nipples), are repositioned to a higher level so the nipples point forward. The result is more uplifted, perky and youthful looking breasts. There are, however, associated scars that accompany the procedure, which are necessary to lift the breasts and give it a more natural shape. We try to minimize the scarring with our unique techniques.

Breast Lift/Enhancement Procedures

Do you know if you need just a breast augmentation, a breast lift/reduction, or both? There are many kinds of breast enhancement procedures that are available to you. The best way to find out if you need one is to make an appointment to find out what is best for you. Click on the photo to a read good article on this topic that can help educate you about what would be best for you. In addition, check out our quick Breast Lift Guide.


There are many types of breast lifts and each is customized to fit the needs of each individual person. One type is called the vertical lift. The attached video is of a patient who had marked distortion of her breasts after a prior breast augmentation performed elsewhere. We repaired the problem via a vertical lift. This video gives you an idea of what is involved in performing a vertical lift. The results reveal a vertical scar placed below the nipples. Normally, this scar is more vertical but is adjusted according to the patients’ anatomy, as in this patient whose scar runs a bit toward the side.


Other types of lifts may involve moving the nipples and/or making incisions in the lower fold of the breasts plus another one up and down from below the nipple to the fold. The most common type is called a Wise pattern lift. Another is called a Transverse/Vertical lift, and is essentially the lower part of a Wise pattern lift. As depicted in this video, it involves removing the excess tissue in the lower part of the breast to reposition and center the nipple in the middle of the implant without really moving the nipples.

TrueMD Surgicentre at Colleyville

Breast lift procedures are performed in our AAAHC accredited surgicenter in Colleyville, TX. The procedure may be performed either while you’re awake, using mild sedation and a local anesthetic, or while you’re asleep, using only deep sedation. You choose. At our office, we strive to meet your needs and desires to help you achieve the breasts that you want.

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