Breast Augmentation

Dallas Breast Augmentation

Our office offers multiple choices for your breast augmentation. We can do the procedure while you’re awake with mild sedation or with deep sedation. We can use either silicone or saline implants. We can put the implants above or below the muscle. You choose the size of implant that you want. We can perform breast lift or reduction procedures at the same time. We strive to do what you want for the perfect breasts for you.

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True MD Breast Procedures

Types of Breast Augmentation

Awake Breast Augmentation

We are unique in offering a type of breast augmentation called the Awake Breast Aug. During this procedure, we give you mild sedation and a local anesthetic so you are numb. We then can perform the procedure without putting you to sleep and you avoid a general anesthetic. You’re comfortable, yet you get a fabulous result. We can also do some breast lift (mastopexy) procedures while you’re asleep if preferred.

Deep Sedation Breast Augmentation

We also offer deep sedation breast augmentation for those women who prefer not to be awake while doing the procedure. A certified anesthetist can put you asleep without you needing a breathing tube nor paralyzing you to provide a safer option. You feel nothing during the procedure and it is great for those who are anxious about being awake during the surgery. It’s a must for those who want the axillary approach to breast augmentation. We do these procedures in our fully accredited surgicenter.

Breast Lifts & Reductions

If your breasts sag excessively or they’re too big, you may be a candidate for a breast lift/reduction procedure. Pregnancy, large weight loss, aging, and genetics all can contribute to sagging of your breasts. Women want fullness and perky breasts that may require a breast lift with augmentation. Discover how you can have the breasts you want by going to our Breast Lift Guide.

Natural Breast Augmentation

If you don’t like the idea of having implants inserted into your breasts but you would like a mild breast enhancement, you might consider doing Natural Breast Aug. Here we harvest some fat from a fatty area of your body through liposuction, and then reinsert the fat into your breasts. This results in a mild enhancement of your breasts using your own natural fat. However, it cannot provide large volume enhancements such as you can get with implants


Breast augmentations & lifts can enhance your shape, boost your self- esteem, improve the way you fit into your clothing, and elevate your self-confidence. Women love to have beautiful breasts, and men like them to have pretty breasts too! You can have the breasts you’ve always wanted with minimal risks with our unique techniques. Listen to how our satisfied patient loves her results and how her self-image has been boosted after breast augmentation performed at our office. (Actual patients of TrueMD)

Jodie’s Story, Breast Augmentation

It is with much sorrow we must share with you our wonderful physician, Dr. Robert True, passed away. Because his death was not anticipated, we are in the process of finding a physician to care for our patients and have a temporary physician and nurse practitioner in place. If you are in urgent need of your medical records, please contact us at 817-399-8783 so we may send you the legal medical records request form. We appreciate your patience as we work through this situation to try and maintain our practice.