Smart Liposuction FAQs Dallas

Smart Liposuction FAQs Dallas

What is SmartLipo Laser Lipolysis?

Using a laser, the fat is melted and the skin is tightened in conjunction with the liposculpting techniques of Liposuction. The advantages are better skin tightening with usage of the laser and potentially less bruising and downtime.

Is this Procedure What Some People Call the Lunch Time Lipo?

Many people have called SmartLipo the “lunchtime lipo.” There have been advertisements that have said that one can have the procedure done in an hour or two, then you leave with less fat, tightened skin, and with no downtime so you can even go back to work the same day. For small areas of fat, this can indeed be the case. However, for most people who desire significant fat reduction, the laser lipolysis must be combined with liposuction in order to remove the fat and contour the area with liposculpture techniques. This take longer to do as is recovery.

Who is Qualified to do SmartLipo Procedures?

There are many physicians trained in performing liposuction and laser lipolysis procedures. They are cosmetic surgeons who can have original surgical training in other surgical fields, but later received additional cosmetic training after their surgical residency. They are thus trained to perform these surgeries in a safe fashion and with the best results. Dr. Robert True is privileged to be able to instruct many of these physicians the art of liposuction and body contouring liposculpture procedures.

Are there Risks Associated with SmartLipo?

Laser lipolysis and liposuction procedures do carry potential risks but with the advent of tumescent techniques, these risks are rare. These risks include excess bleeding, infection, skin irregularities, contour deformities, and skin scarring. Because the laser produces heat, there is a slight potential risk of skin burns and thermal injury. If the skin is too elastic after removing the fat, the skin tightening may be not be sufficient. There is really no way to be assured that these unexpected problems won’t happen, but luckily they are uncommon.

What Should I Look for in Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon?

Specialized surgical training, technical skill, aesthetic knowledge and judgment, and experience are necessary to achieve good results in any type of cosmetic surgery. If you are considering body contouring surgery such as liposuction or laser lipolysis, do your homework and check out the qualifications and experience of your surgeon. You have a higher chance of good results if you choose the right one to give you satisfying results and make you happy.

How Can I Find Out More about SmartLipo?

If you want to know if you are a candidate for SmartLipo and liposuction surgery, call us for a consultation. Dr. Robert True provides SmartLipo Liposculpture procedures for patients in the Dallas Fort Worth and Midcities areas of Texas. Performed in the privacy of his accredited office based surgicenter located in Colleyville, he is conveniently located right next to the DFW Airport.

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