Breast Enhancement FAQs Dallas

Breast Enhancement FAQs Dallas

What size breast implant should I have?

Every woman has different preferences regarding the desired size of her breasts. Some women don’t want others to notice they have had breast augmentation, while others want to show the world the large implanted breasts that she has. It can be a difficult question for many women. Our best advice is to discuss your desires with Dr. True. Rest assured that he lots of experience with implant sizes and patient reactions. He will be able to help you think this decision through, considering your body type and other factors. For most women, the goal is to more fully create the hour glass feminine shape that is the silhouette of a beautiful woman’s body. Our goal is to give you the size of breasts that YOU want. In addition, it’s helpful to bring pictures of breasts you find appealing to your consultation appointment.

Which is the better implant, silicone or saline?

The “look” of either implant is very similar. Many feel the look of the silicone implant surgeries results in a more natural look and lay of the breasts. The “feel” is different between the two types of implants. We can use either implants to give women more implant options than ever for their Dallas Fort Worth breast augmentation. Many patients prefer silicone gel implants because the breasts look and feel more like natural breasts. The downside is that they are more expensive and the FDA recommends that patient should have MRIs performed regularly. Saline implants are less expensive, are time-tested and have other advantages as well. However, they have a higher risk of rippling than the silicone if you have minimal breast tissue present. We will give you plenty of information in your consultation and assist you in making the right choice.

Do I need a Lift?

We want you to have the prettiest breasts possible. In order to achieve this, the breast nipples should be pointed forward, placed at the most aesthetic level, and the upper part of the breasts should have some fullness. Many women start off with breasts that sag or have fallen, therefore they need a breast lift, or mastopexy, with the augmentation. In order to know, you can measure the distance between your clavicle and your nipple. If it is greater than 24 cm, you might need a lift. During your consultation, we will go over all of this and discuss your options.

What are some of the common risks of breast augmentation surgery?

There are risks associated with any surgery including breast enlargements. Using the Awake technique, excess bleeding or infection is rarely seen. Swelling always happens, but goes away over time. Our staff will help prepare you so that you’ll know what to do if any of these occur. One particular undesirable outcome of breast augmentation is capsular contracture. This condition results when the normal scar tissue forms a hard fibrous capsule around the implant. This can contract and squeeze the implant, resulting in a very hard, deformed area of the breast. You’ll be glad to know that as implant technology advances, capsular contracture rates are on the decline. Moreover, you can help prevent this condition by massaging your breasts after surgery as we will explain to you during your postoperative visits. In rare cases when capsular contracture causes distortion, the condition may require additional surgery. These chances of developing this problem are from 3% to 25%, depending on many factors that can be discussed during your consultation.

Will the results look natural?

Dr. True prides himself in giving his patients a beautiful, natural look and his surgical techniques and various breast augmentation options are designed to do just that. There are many variables that help a woman achieve a more natural look. The amount of existing fat she has presently, the amount of drooping of the breasts, the specific placement of the implants, and many other factors contribute to the final result. The type of implant also varies, and some women prefer silicone over saline due to the difference of the feel of the breasts. Some women prefer not to use implants and would like augmentation with her own fat, also called Natural Breast Aug. This can be performed in conjunction with liposuction to collect the fat, plus you get body slimming too!

What are my choices of incisions for breast implant surgery?

There are several incision sites that can be used for inserting breast implants into the breasts. At the office of Dr. True, we encourage patients to choose incisions that cannot be seen easily, called Hidden Incision Breast Aug. These include incisions around the areola, in the fold below the breasts, in the armpit, or through the navel. The best choice for you can be determined during a consultation.

What are the scars like?

All surgical procedures leave scars, there’s just no way around that. Most patients find their scars fade with time to a point where they’re quite acceptable. Dr. True always discusses the placement of the Incisions in hidden areas so they are inconspicuous after a few weeks of healing. Occasionally patients will experience more scarring than normal, especially patients with darker skin or a history of extensive scars such as keloids. If you should find your scars unacceptable after a few months have passed, we may be able to improve them in a short outpatient visit to our office.

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