Advocate for a Better Quality Life

Advocate for a Better Quality Life

Since beginning his practice, Dr. True has advocated hormone therapy and other anti-aging concepts to not only improve your health, but also to improve your quality of life. Women want to feel good both physically and sexually. Female hormones help preserve a woman’s body through multiple proven pathways. Even when the news media and press have discouraged hormonal treatment, Dr. True has defended women’s rights to be able to take hormonal therapy to improve their quality of life.

A reduction in many serious medical conditions can be seen when women continue to take hormones post-menopause. When these are prescribed appropriately, these hormones are safe. Although many women are afraid to take hormones because of a prior study suggesting breast cancer risk, Dr. True discusses this study with them to allay their fears. The truth is that natural bioidentical hormones do not cause breast cancer.

After final analysis of multiple studies, when given appropriately, there is no a statistically significant increased risks to taking bioidentical hormones. The incidence of developing breast cancer, heart disease or stroke appears to be the same when treated properly, whether you take hormones or not. Preventive medicine is always the best medicine, and these youthful hormones have been proven to help prevent osteoporosis and many other serious medical conditions. They actually are a very potent anti-aging modality that almost all women should embrace.

Many women suffer sexual dysfunction due to lack of female hormones. Many say they have lost their vitality, their energy is low, and they just don’t have that Zest for life like they used to have. Providing them with appropriate hormone replacement may alleviate these problems and help women continue to live a full life. Bio-identical hormones and other naturally produced hormones are recommended. One very effective and convenient method to receive the benefits of hormones is by Hormone Pellet Therapy.

Regardless of the route of administration, the anti-aging benefits of hormones are important aspects of a woman’s life and are always addressed by Dr. True. He truly believes that hormones help women to “age” more slowly and to be healthier longer. Over the long run, they help the mind, the heart, the bones, the skin, and the emotions of women to improve her quality of life with minimal to no risk.

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