Stuck in a weight-loss Plateau?  Change your Metabolism & Habits with the help of The True Diet to Lose 20 to 30 pounds in three months!


Are you trying to lose weight but it’s just not happening? You’ve cut back what you’re eating, you’re spending more time in the gym or jogging but it just is not making a dent in you losing weight? Not only that, are you literally starving yourself because you are “just not eating much”?


If so, your solution may be here today. The reasons why you are stuck at that weight can be many, but one of the main reasons is that your metabolism is stuck. Metabolism is all the functions of your body that gives you life and energy.  It regulates how quickly you burn calories for your daily functions, whether sitting at a desk breathing or jogging a marathon.


We at TrueMD can help you get off that weight-loss plateau by forcing your body to change its metabolism from a fat-conserving mode to a fat-burning mode. The first six weeks we use A Special Medication (the pregnancy hormone) and a very low-calorie diet and the second six weeks we use the foods you eat to change your metabolism. Most people lose 20 to 30 pounds during the program. If you want to lose more, you just do another program until you’ve lost all the weight you want.


There are many physiologic processes that you can harness that will force your body to burn the fat. Tricking your body into thinking it’s pregnant with A Special Medication and then changing what you eat to good proteins, fruits and vegetables forces your body to pull calories from your fat to “feed the baby”. But, of course, there’s no baby. The result is you have calories coming into your blood which you can then use, and you feel fine yet you’re only eating 500 calories per day! Most people are amazed at how good they feel when they do this and the pounds start peeling off.


Another metabolic process is using fat for your body’s energy needs instead of carbohydrates. Fat does not stimulate insulin production from your pancreas. When you eat carbs, your pancreas produces insulin, which is necessary to bring those carb calories into your cells. If you don’t use them, insulin then stores those carbs inside your cells, including your fat cells, in the form of a fat called triglycerides. Carbs “feed your fat.” The result is you gain weight.


We thus change this process by changing your diet to force your body to burn even more fat. Moreover, once we have your body’s metabolism changed, you can continue to maintain that metabolism for life if you follow our recommendations. In addition, we can also help you with many other problems that could be influencing your health and your metabolism, such as boosting your hormones levels or age management actions.


Want to get off that plateau? Then call us, TrueMD, at 817-399-8783 and get started on your journey.