Vienna, Austria.

At the WAOCS (World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) Dr. Robert L. True presented a lecture on his technique of performing a type of labiaplasty procedure that he developed, called a Posterior Wedge Labiaplasty, also called the True Labiaplasty. The technique was designed to provide a more aesthetic looking labial appearance while decreasing potential unwanted complications from doing the other types of labiaplasty procedures. His technique was published in a medical journal article (1) , click here to see the article. 

For women who complain of excessive elongated labia minora that are bothersome to them, this technique is an excellent option. Studies have demonstrated that 94% of women who undergo labiaplasty procedures do so for aesthetic reasons. Since some of the techniques of performing labiaplasty procedures do not provide adequate aesthetic results leaving some women unhappy about their results, the True Labiaplasty Procedure is a very good option for them which allows them to achieve a this improved aesthetic result.



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