Do your arms look like bat wings because of the presence of heavily sagging skin? Sagging upper-arm skin can be difficult to cover up. They can make you feel self-conscious about wearing short-sleeved tops and can make long-sleeved shirts feel tight and uncomfortable.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True has had many patients come to see him looking for a way to correct their sagging upper-arm skin. He has been able to provide them with the aesthetic care they need by providing them with an arm lift.

Dr. True removes any excess fat in the upper arms using liposuction to sculpt a more attractive arm shape. He will also remove any excess skin to create a tight and toned appearance by performing an arm lift.

If you want sleek and sexy arms that look great in any outfit, contact TrueMD to schedule a consultation for your arm lift procedure. Dr. True can help to restore your confidence with your appearance