Dr. True recently was invited to speak at the International Conference of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Vancouver, Canada. He developed a new technique of performing labiaplasty surgery with more emphasis on preserving the aesthetic appearance and improving functionality of the labia as a goal while reducing undesirable elongated labia per patient requests.

He discussed the reasons why women want labiaplasty surgeries and their results, which include a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence. Women want to feel good about the way they look not only in the face and body, but many women also want their genital areas to look more youthful and aesthetic. Thus, the demand for labiaplasty and genital reconstruction surgeries have increased rapidly over time.

There are essentially three different types of labiaplasty procedures performed that reduce the excessive length of the labia minor (the thin labia) when the labia are excessively elongated. These include wedge resection techniques, trim techniques, and de-epithelialization techniques. Dr. True discussed the pros and cons of each of the techniques during his presentation.

He developed his wedge technique, called a posterior wedge labiaplasty, also called his True Labiaplasty, because he was not satisfied with the aesthetic results of the other techniques. He discussed the techniques he developed for performing this surgery with the goal of ending up with a more aesthetic genital area. After doing these, he also noticed that most women also state that their sensitivity is also improved after the technique is performed, thus improving the functionality of the labia too.IPS&CS Vancouver Link2

To find out more about his technique, you can go to his website labiaplasty site by clicking here. On the site you can see videos on the technique and the rationale for performing the technique. Many patients have found this page to be very helpful in selecting a surgeon to perform labiaplasty surgery on them. Women want to know their options when it comes to cosmetic procedures on their bodies so they can better decide on the best option for them.

Dr. True is a board certified cosmetic surgeon, specializing in breast and body, plus he is a board certified gynecologist. The combination of these and his creativity allowed him to devise this unique method of labiaplasty surgery to help a women get what she wants, i.e. shorten her elongated labia, improve the aesthetic appearance of the labia, and enhance the sensual sensitivity of the genital area