Are you bothered by the asymmetrical appearance of your breasts but are unsure of how to address the issue? This is a dilemma that many women face, and dealing with it can be a stressful and difficult thing to go through.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True strives to help his patients feel confident and comfortable with their bodies. Dr. True can bring balance to your breasts through a breast enhancement procedure. Breast augmentation can be used to increase the size of one breast so that it matches the size of the other. The shape can also be adjusted to deliver better results.

Some women do not want larger breasts. In these cases, Dr. True can perform a breast reduction surgery that will reduce and reshape the larger breast to create a beautiful and symmetrical chest.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. True. During your consultation, Dr. True will discuss which option better suits your body proportions so that you can receive exemplary results.