The sensitivity of vaginal tissue can diminish for a variety of reasons. Having a child can greatly decrease sensitivity as a result of the stretching that occurs. Aging, hormone deficiencies, and other common issues can take their toll on vaginal tissue as well.

V-Lase  is a revolutionary piece of technology used for rejuvenating and restoring vaginal tissue. V-Lase uses CO2 energy to apply heat to the vaginal tissue through the use of a wand applicator. The wand can be inserted into the vagina to rejuvenate any damaged tissue and can also be applied externally to restore the tissue on the vulva and labia.

Dr. Robert True is board-certified in gynecology and has years of experience treating his patients’ feminine concerns. If you would like to restore the sensitivity and function of your vaginal tissue with V-Lase, contact us to schedule an appointment.