Have you known for a while now that you have no interest in pregnancy or childbirth? Have you already had the amount of children you are satisfied with? If either of these is true for you, you may be interested in a permanent way to prevent future pregnancies.

At TrueMD, we offer Essure, a permanent form of sterilization that is less invasive than the more common and traditional forms of sterilization. Special coils are placed into the fallopian tubes in order to cause fibrosis (a thickening of the tissue), which will block off access to the sperm to prevent fertilization.

The procedure is relatively gentle and requires no incisions. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities within the same day as their procedure and are satisfied with the long-term results of the treatment. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your Essure procedure with cosmetic surgeon and board-certified gynecologist Dr. Robert True.