If you have been suffering from hair loss, Laser Hair Growth Therapy can help. Using a laser at a specific wavelength, hair follicles are stimulated to grow. Tiny vessels that feed the hair follicle are also stimulated to grow, thus improving circulation to the hair follicle. If you feed it, it will grow.

Laser therapy stimulates protein synthesis and energy production (ATP production) within the cells. This stimulates the further growth of the hair follicles. The result is a fuller head of hair and the hair loss that you have been seeing can thus be at least partially resolved.Both men and women can benefit from Laser Hair Growth Therapy. Multiple treatments are required over time in order to continue to stimulate the growth of your hair adequately. Attack hair growth with this new laser to achieve a fuller youthful head of hair that you desire.

There are many reasons why people lose hair. The aging process per se can do this, but hormones or lack of hormones can also contribute to hair lose. Women are especially prone to hair loss as they age and many times this may be partially due to hormone therapy. Men also may have hair loss and laser therapy is beneficial for generalized hair loss but does not help when baldness occurs.

Who is a Candidate for Laser Hair Growth Therapy?laser hair regrowth before and after

Women with diffuse generalized hair loss

Men or women in the early stages of hair loss

Women in menopause experiencing hair loss

Men or women with heredity pattern hair loss

Women on hormone therapy experiencing hair loss

Men or women currently using hair loss medications

Women who need prescription meds for hair loss

Men or women who have illnesses causing hair loss

Who is Not a Candidate for Laser Hair Growth Therapy?

Men who are bald with dead follicles

Women with alopecia areata who are bald

Men or women with other balding medical conditions whose hair follicles no longer live.

Therapy Sessions

Treatment using the laser are once weekly for 12 weeks for a course and the recommendation is 2 courses (24 weeks) for adequate hair regrowth stimulation. After that time, most people are on the way to improved hair growth and booster sessions every 2-4 weeks are then recommended. Realize that it takes 4-6 months to grow hair so continued therapies are necessary. Treatments last from 30 minutes, so you just sit in a chair for 30 minutes is all you do, then let the laser do its thing. There are no known side effects from the treatments making them very safe.

Effectiveness is very good for most people. Within the firs 1-2 months, hair loss becomes apparent by not seeing excess hair on pillows or in the shower. Then further thickening and growth occurs over time. Keep in mind that most people shed around 100 hairs a day normally. Treatments are for those who shed much more in excess of this a day. Most people are satisfied with the treatments if they continue with the therapy long term.

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