Whether bioidentical hormone therapy is safe or not has remained a hot topic for debate for the last few years. Many doctors are using this natural hormone therapy to relieve women from symptoms of menopause. But there are experts who still doubt the effectiveness of this procedure. Moreover they are quite concerned about whether it has got any negative side effect.

In order to reach an acceptable answer let us discuss about bioidentical hormone therapy in details. Bioidentical hormone therapy has been introduced as an alternative to HRT drugs which million of women used to take even a few years back. HRT drugs have several adverse side effects like dementia and cancer. But bioidentical hormone is said to be natural and harmless.

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bioidentical hormones are actually hormones that are chemically synthesized from resources that are natural. Their chemical structure is similar to the hormones produced in the ovaries of female. By manipulating their molecules, these plant derived hormones’ molecules can be modified to match the chemical structure of the ones produced by women bodies.

The idea of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is to give women (and men) hormones that are identical to what their bodies made, and in the amounts made by their bodies when they were younger. By increasing their hormone levels to these youthful ranges, at least they give the person a “fighting chance” to feeling younger again.

Doctors in favor of bioidentical hormone say that these hormones for multiple reasons. They have less side effects and can be more easily tailored to individual need of women. The bioidentical hormones are created after testing the blood (or saliva) of a woman who needs it. Bioidentical hormones are even more safe than the standard FDA approved hormones for women since they do not increase breast cancer risks nor blood clots when prescribed appropriately.

Many doctors agree that they are a safe alternative to HRT drugs and at the same time they are effective. Once these hormones enter our blood stream they start interacting with the cells and their way of interacting is no different than that of the hormone present inside the body naturally.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is definitely safe but there may be exceptions. Women with chronic diseases may not be suitable for this treatment. However women with no serious health issues can always opt for bioidentical hormone therapy.

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