Body jet liposuction is a water-assisted, minimally-invasive body liposuction methodology that’s been recently developed to help patients with a more successful and beneficial overall liposuction procedure. It’s an easy technique to perform by qualified, board certified plastic or cosmetic surgeons and it can help a wide variety of patients.

Procedure Body jet lipo uses the injections of sprays of water jets to infiltrate the areas of the body fat that need to be suctioned out. By incorporating this water-assisted technology, there may be less stress placed on the patient’s body area and the amount of time of the overall procedure is also reduced as well. The procedure allows the fat cells to be first dissolved and diluted and then suctioned out with a long, plastic hose that leads to a fat waste container. The patient is generally not put under general anesthesia and is fully awake; experiencing minimal discomfort during the process. The tiny jets of water are squirted via a very narrow nozzle that has between four to six oval openings where the warm water shoots out onto the section of the body where the fat removal is to be taken place.

Recovery Benefits This less invasive technique my result in less bruising and swelling than other techniques. The patient’s body section quickly returns to its normal, pre-surgery appearance in a matter of weeks, and the patient can resume his normal activities in about two weeks including being able to return to work full time. Moreover, the associated pain after the procedure is much less severe as the body recovers, and a much smaller dose of oral analgesics have to be prescribed in order for the patient to be able to adhere to appropriate pain control methods. There are minimal bumps or major scars that are visible after the body jet liposuction procedure and this greatly helps with the overall cosmetic appeal of this special liposuction technique. Patients can quickly feel all of their associated muscle and nerve functioning return in the area of their liposuction versus past more traditional liposuction procedures.