Does unwanted hair on your arms prevent you from wearing sleeveless dresses? Does it affect your appearance and lower your self-confidence? If your answer is yes, it is time to find a permanent solution to the problem. Hair reduction techniques make it possible to achieve what you want. Use of laser technology is the key to success in this regard. Before you go to a clinic to avail this, here is a quick look at the important facts. How does the treatment work? The laser penetrates the upper layer of the skin and reaches the hair follicle. The hair follicle pigment absorbs the light from the laser resulting in heat that destroys the follicles and disables its power to produce a new hair. It thus effectively reduces the growth of unwanted hair for a long time to permanently.

Is one treatment enough? Each and every hair follicle grows through different growth cycles at different times and the treatment is effective only during one of the growth cycles. Thus, several treatments are necessary over a 6 month period of time to do adequate reduction so that each hair follicle is destroyed during the appropriate growth cycle.

Are you eligible for the treatment? This treatment is useful for most individuals. However, if you have a history of poor wound healing or suffer from cold sores, it is not a good option. It is also not suitable for people who undergo other skin treatments. Consult with a doctor before you opt for it.

Which areas can it treat? You can utilize the benefits of this treatment on numerous areas including upper lips, chins, underarms, necks, ears, arms, legs, bikini lines, chests and backs, toes and such others.

Is it safe? If you opt for a good clinic and a competent doctor with experience in this field, it is one of the safe and convenient ways to reduce unwanted hair. This also helps prevent any serious side effects.

Is it painful? Laser treatment feels more like a sting on the skin. However, if you feel too much discomfort, topical anesthetics are used.

How much time does it require? Usually you have to avail a certain number of sessions of this treatment. Each session lasts for about 10-40 minutes. This depends on the degree of the problem and the area treated.

How much is the cost? This depends on the area you require the treatment on and the number of sessions necessary. To get details of the hair reduction procedure, visit You can also call 817-399-8783 for more info.