The Vampire Face Lift is a new cosmetic procedure that has become very popular, not only locally but also among the “Hollywood crowd”. Kim Kardasian had it done and now it seems like everyone in the Hollywood circuit wants to have a Vampire Face Lift.

During the Vampire lift procedure, a sample of your blood is taken from you. The blood is spun down with a special process and then separated so the part of the plasma that is rich in growth factors (the platelet rich plasma fraction or PRP) is obtained. This PRP is then reinjected into strategic areas of the face to enhance it and stimulate a more natural look.

The procedure can be done in a half hour and it is an office procedure. Minimal anesthetic is needed since it does not involve any cutting, painful manoeuvring, or other noxious stimuli. The downtime is minimal too. Most people experience some swelling and may have bruising that can be significant. However, all these go away after a few weeks, leaving a more youthful appearance to your face with a glow.

The name comes from several aspect of the procedure. First, blood is taken from the person, which Vampires do. When reinjected, it has the ability to rejuvenate your skin and make it more youthful. Vampires traditionally are depicted as either handsome young men or beautiful young women, and they stay this way forever. Since the Vampire lift keeps your face looking younger, the name fits.

During the aging process, many changes occur in the face including a loss of volume and color, resulting in a sunken look in areas such as below the eyes, the sides of the upper lip, and the sides of your mouth below the lower lip. Juvederm is usually injected in these areas along with your PRP to increase volume in these sunken areas of your face. The result is a more youthful appearance of your face.

The Vampire lift is an all-natural procedure since your own blood is incorporated to rejuvenate and “lift” your face with volume. Because it’s your own blood there are no chances of allergic reactions or fear of foreign body interactions in response to the injections. The results last around nine to twelve months and most people notice a “glow” to them that is not present with fillers alone.

Only injections are performed and there are no incisions. It is not a surgical face lift and is not for everyone. If you have excessive sagging and lose of internal support structures to your face, you need a surgical face lift, face it (pun intended). The Vampire lift cannot sculpt and support the lower face, neck and jaw-line, as does the standard surgical face and neck lift can.

The key to the Vampire lift is the use of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelets are very small components within your blood that are very important during the healing process. Their main function is to promote blood clotting, such as after an injury or surgery, and stimulation of regrowth for healing of an injury. Platelets are rich in growth factors, which stimulate the injured area to generate healing tissue.

Growth factors stimulate the regrowth of tiny vessels into the area, called neovascularization. These tiny blood vessels can then bring vital nutrients into the area to oxygenate the area and provide needed nutrients for growth. Growth factors also stimulate the growth of new cells, collagen, and supportive structures to heal damaged areas. The same healing processes occur when the PRP is injected into your skin during the Vampire lift. Building on the Juvederm, the result is more fullness and a more youthful vibrancy which we call a youthful “glow”.

The Vampire lift can be combined with CO2 laser resurfacing to give you an even better result, or what we call the “WOW” result. The laser resurfaces the skin, resulting in a smoother skin with less wrinkles, fine lines, and less abnormal pigmentations. The Vampire lift restores the lost volume with Juvederm and stimulates the growth of your natural collagen and tissues. The PRP can also be sprayed on the skin that has been lasered to stimulate healing topically too. The result is indeed a new you, and WOW!

If you would like to know more about this amazing procedure, make an appointment for a consultation. Call today at 817-399-8783. You’ll be surprised at the youthful glow that will beam from your face.