Before undergoing a cosmetic surgery on the intimate body parts, you may have numerous questions and doubts. Your surgeon is best suited to provide you the answers to these questions. You may have nagging questions regarding your sexual activities if you are preparing for a labia reduction surgery.

Here are a few of the common questions that may come to mind in this regard.

Can it cause insensitivity? No, the labia minora produces no other sensations except pain at the time of stretching or tearing. Therefore, insensitivity to stimulus is not a possibility after the surgery.

How would it affect sexual activities? In most cases, reduction of the excess tissue and proper alignment helps enhance the scope of sexual pleasure. If there is any effect, it is sure to be positive.

Would the sexual partner notice any difference? This depends on the extent to which the rectification was done. If it was a significant reduction, your partner is sure to notice the difference. However, as the result actually helps in sexual encounters, there is no risk of displeasing your partner.

Would there be any arousal problems? There is no physiological connection between labiaplasty and arousal. The clitoris is responsible for the arousal. If the surgery does not affect the clitoris, it won’t give rise to any such problems.

For how much time do you need to refrain from sexual activities post-op? This depends on your health condition and the extent of the surgery. In most cases, your surgeon would advice you to avoid sexual activities for approximately two months.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose a competent surgeon for the operation. Check his qualification, certification and experience beforehand. Visit him and discuss the details of the procedure. Seek answers to all your questions and clarify your doubts before you undergo the surgery.

Your health and wellbeing are at stake here; always choose a surgeon you feel comfortable with for the procedure. Whether you are looking for more information on this surgery, or trying to locate a good surgeon, you can get help in both regards from You can also call for consultation at 817-399-8783.