Last thursday, Dr. Robert True sponsored a TRUE YOU EVENT at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas and the evening turned out to be fabulous. Raffle tickets were sold and the proceeds are to go to the Methodist Women’s Center, which provides services for women in need. Dr. True’s office is all about helping women. The goal at his office of TRUEMD is to enhance a women’s natural beauty, both inside and out. The whole evening was dedicated to this goal and a plethora of information was discussed on how to achieve these goals plus gave away many services and products during the raffles held throughout the night.

To enhance one’s beauty on the inside, Dr. True discussed hormone pellet therapy and the importance of a weight loss program. Maintaining adequate hormones is essential for preventing many medical problems that can happen as we get older. In addition, it gives a woman a better quality of life by increasing her energy, cognitive function, libido, and her sexual experience. Most women, and men, love the effects of hormone pellet therapy.

The True Diet is a program that Dr. True developed that changes your metabolism while emphasizing behavior changes, called intensive lifestyle interventions. Losing the extra pounds can also improve you health on the inside of your body, by decreasing the risk of you developing diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and even some cancers. Not only can you improve your health on the inside, but you look better on the outside also.

Dr. True offers multiple options for improving your appearance on the outside. By performing tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentations and breast lifts, he can contour your body to the shape that you have always wanted. Facial rejuvenation procedures can include Botox, facial fillers such as Juvederm and Voluma, and CO2 Laser resurfacing techniques were all discussed. Everybody is going to grow older, but nobody wants to look older if they can avoid it.

During the night, Dr. True and his office manager, Tams, picked raffle tickets and gave away multiple prizes. These included small items such as our eyelash preparation called Nutralux that makes your eyelashes longer and fuller, Botox, Juvederm and some Skin Medica products, particularly TNS Essential serum. This serum has multiple actions, including TNS which is a growth factor to help collagen grow, antioxidants, brighteners, and many other. Dr. True’s exercise trainer, Tyler Gilpin, was fortunate to recieve this gift which he said he will give to his mom.

Larger items raffled off were tickets to the Mavericks, the Stars games, and a round of The True Diet. Liz Morgan displayed some of her dresses on models as they roamed around the crowd. A gift certificate for her dresses was raffled off to the lucky winner.

But the biggest item was a breast augmentation, to be performed at Dr. True’s accredited surgicenter in Colleyville. Everyone was ecstatic when they found out that the woman who received this free breast aug happened to be a delightful young brain cancer survivor. She said she had always wanted to do breast augmentation and now was the chance of a lifetime. Dr. True and his entire staff were delighted that she won this prize, and a more worthy person couldn’t have been chosen.


All total, the evening was a tremendous success. Over $2,000 was collected for the Methodist Women’s Center and everyone admitted the evening was great fun.