Dr. True was featured in the WFAA TV show “Good Morning Texas” today discussing breast augmentation using silicone implants. The new silicone gel implants have recently been shown to be about as safe as saline implants but offer a more natural look and feel to the breasts. The complications from the old silicone implants are just not seen with these new implants. There is no risk of cancer, of autoimmune disease, and they are less likely to produce “hard” breasts.

What was the concern about the prior silicone breast implants?

The prior silicone implants had a high tendency to “leak” or “bleed” through the capsule. This resulted in a high incidence of capsular contraction. Here, a thick scar forms around the implant that can make the breasts feel very hard, and can be very painful to the patient. We had recommended saline implants to decrease this risk, but now the latest studies with the new Form Stable Silicone Gel implants puts this risk almost the same as the saline.

What are the other advantages of these new silicone implants?

One of the problems that many thin women have is rippling of the implants, where one sees “waves” on the sides of the implants. Because the new silicone implants are “form stable”, they tend to keep their round shape. They fall within the breasts in a more natural fashion so they look better. In addition, they “feel” more like a natural breast. Thus, they look and feel more like natural breasts.

What are the disadvantages of these new gel implants?

The biggest difference is now that the silicone implants need a larger incision for placement. However, these incisions are still placed in hidden areas, such as under the breast fold or the axilla, and thus the incisions are not noticed usually. They cannot be placed in women under 22 years old. And, the FDA recommends that MRIs be performed after placement of the implants. However, this last problem was based on the prior silicone implants and may change.

Do you offer anything different at your office regarding breast augmentation?

We try to empower women to be able to choose not only the size of their implant, but also the anesthetic. Women should be able to get the breasts they want, so we help them achieve this through the multiple design options offered. Women should be able to decide if they want to be asleep or awake for the procedure so we can reduce potential complications of the procedure.

You mean breast augmentation can be performed while a patient is awake?

Yes. Called Awake Breast Aug, we use a special numbing solution called tumescent fluid along with mild sedation. The patient is very comfortable during the procedure and the anesthetic lasts for several hours after the procedure is finished. Using this fluid can decrease the risk of infection and bleeding, two of the most common problems associated with breast augmentation. In addition, she can recover more quickly

Can you do breast lifts this way too?

Breast lifts can be performed in a similar fashion, i.e. awake or asleep. It is surprising to most patients how easy these types of procedures can be performed that can give them back those beautiful, perky breasts that they used to have. Women feel good about themselves when they have pretty breasts and that is our goal. To enhance the natural beauty of a woman.