As we age, our buttocks tend to hang down lower due to many factors. Contributing factors are being overweight, losing a lot of weight, pregnancy, gravity, and simply just getting older. If you have such a concern, there is a new procedure that has the potential to lift your buttocks without and incisions.

Called the SPYDR Lift or Buttocks Thread Lift, this scarless butt lift is performed with special sutures placed deep into the fatty tissue of the buttocks. The sutures contain small “cones” which lift the tissue in a higher position. Through your natural healing process, you develop strong fibrous tissue around and through these thus holding the tissue and fat at a more aesthetically appropriate place. Thus, you can get that perky lifted buttocks once again without having to undergo any incisions or placement of implants.

Dr. Robert L True is the first physician in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area to perform this procedure.  It has been undergoing testing for over five years in Philadelphia where it was originally developed by two cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Richard Goldfarb and Dr. Fredrick LeVan. The best thing is that the lift is quit long lasting.

The procedure is performed while the patient is awake using only a local anesthetic, called tumescent anesthesia. Not only does it numb the buttocks well for the procedure, but it also decreases the potential for bleeding and infection. After the area is numb, special sutures are placed and the buttocks are lifted nicely.  The patient wears special support tape for one to two weeks, and the fibrous tissue binds the sutures to the tissue resulting in long lasting buttocks lift.

The procedure has indeed proven to be very effective at long term lifting of the buttocks for over 5 years as least. Results will vary per patient due to individual differences in the patient’s health status, weight status, hormonal status, and many other factors. In addition, let’s face it, the aging process does continue to happen so laxity may recur over time. However, the procedure is so benign that one simply places more threads for further support to provide the patient with continued buttocks lift. In addition, fat may be transferred to buttocks for further enhancement if desired.

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