The growing trend to look younger than the actual age is no longer limited to the fairer sex. In a world where appearance matters in every aspect of life, men are also opting for skin care and treatment procedures and they are no longer reluctant to undergo surgeon’s knife for such procedures.

In last few years a significant number of men have gone for cosmetic surgery procedures. The surgeons have admitted that more men are opting for Botox skin treatment to get firmer skin and preferring other beautification methods.

While there are a plethora of cosmetic surgery and skin treatment procedures that can be used to make people look younger, a majority of them have penchant for Botox. This works as a quick fix for fine lines and wrinkles on face. However, there are guys who opt for more intensive and longer lasting procedures. One such example is Ultherapy, a modern ultrasound treatment to make skin firmer near jaw region.

There are reasons for this change and doctors feel that men who get little time for working out or skincare opt for these procedures. These procedures do not make them look drastically young but the changes are visible.

The appreciations they get from people in their lives also boost their confidence. Some of them go for non invasive procedures but those over 50 years go under the knife without much worry.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says men opt for plastic surgery procedures like Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, ear shaping and eyelid surgery in most cases.

Men who are in their thirties lead hectic life and get little or no time for exercise feel that these procedures are effective ways to retain youth. Like women, men also get affected to an extent by celebs and models when it comes to appearances. For instance, square jawed celebs like Daniel Craig and Michael Fassbender are popular these days.

UCLA School of Medicine’s associate professor of plastic surgery Dr. Steven Teitelbaum think men do not want conventionally beautiful faces nowadays but they like ethnic features. That is why a lot of men prefer chin implants.

As a matter of fact, male actors also prefer surgical procedures to retain youth and look better. Columbia University’s assistant clinical professor Dr. Darrick Antell confirmed that he did a chin implant and rhinoplastry for an actor in recent times.

The nice thing is that such surgeries do not require lots of time. Nowadays, surgeons need to make smaller incisions for such surgeries which mean faster recovery time for candidates.


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