A new cosmetic procedure, recycling eye bags to fill up the cheeks is reportedly catching on in the UK. With aging it is the face where the effects show up early on and within the face it is the eye region that develops aging signs quickly. At the same time aging or weight loss often hollows out the cheeks.

That is why Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery has been one of the most popular procedures both in America and England and cheek augmentation has been among the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries in 2011 in America.

With the advent of video communications over the internet, people like to look their best particularly in the facial areas and upper part of the body that get projected on the screen. Now this combined procedure which improves the area below the eyes and the cheek has the potential to be very popular in near future.

The combined procedure pioneered by the cosmetic surgeons in UK can replace conventional cheek lift in which the cheek is augmented by synthetic implants or artificial fillers and conventional lower eyelid surgery in which the fat and loose skin below the eyes are removed.

The surgeons claim that the new combined procedure has lower risk than conventional two separate procedures because it requires less cutting and the cheek gets augmented using one’s own fat.

The surgeons also claim that the combined procedure is able to treat the patients who do not qualify for conventional lower lid eye surgery or cheek augmentation surgery due to flatness of the face around the cheek bone.

The surgeons who developed the combined procedure were to make a presentation to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) annual scientific meeting in London on September 27, 2012.

The new combined procedure takes about two hours and costs about British pound 5000.

Dr Adil Khan, a surgeon at Castle Hill Hospital, in Hull, one of the presenters said “When people are concerned about their appearance as they got older, it is often the bags under their eyes, and flatness and lack of volume around the cheekbones, that they feel most conscious about. This technique offers a way that the body’s own tissue can be used to correct its deficiencies.”

According Dr Mohammed Riaz, a BAAPS member and a consultant at private hospitals in Hull, he treated about 30 patients with the combined procedure and found that it had fewer complications than the conventional lower eyelid surgery.

One of the first patients receiving the combined lower eyelid and cheek procedure was Carol Gilbert, a nurse from Yorkshire and a thyroid patient who had heavy bags below her eyes. She was very pleased with the outcome of the surgery as her face improved and looked younger by several years.

There were 6000 cosmetic surgery procedures done by BAAPS enlisted specialists alone in 2011. BAAPS enlisted surgeons constitute about one third of total cosmetic surgeons in the UK. The year 2011 also saw a rise of six percent in cosmetic procedures in UK over the earlier year.

This rise took place, despite the fact that the French made PIP breast implant scandal created a crisis among the patients and regulating authorities in UK during 2011 and 2012. The PIP breast implants were seen to be made of industrial grade silicone and had more failures than the implants of other brands, spilling industrial grade silicone in contact with patients’ internal breast tissues. The UK government took up tough measures in order to bring the crisis under control.

Innovative procedures like the combined lower eyelid and cheek surgery are able to remove to some extent misgivings about cosmetic surgery created over the PIP scandal and are seen as engines of further growth of the industry in UK.

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