Vaginoplasty also known as getting a designer vagina is quickly and rapidly becoming the newest hottest trend among many women.

Some want to make it a little tighter and come want to make it a little more plump! Now, the well famed nip and tuck procedure has extended to the most private body part of a woman.

The big question here is why is this Gynecosmetology procedure becoming so popular among women?

Media that leans more on eroticism has been hugely responsible in propelling interest in this kind of surgery. Women see perfection unveiled and ideally get in line to pursue the same kind of perfection for themselves.

The fact that many more women are opting for this controversial surgery cannot be denied any longer. The advent of pop culture and the internet has also contributed to generating a lot more hype on the same.

Women who have undergone childbirth now know that they can have more than what is considered a “normal” vagina. They know all too well that there is something that can be done to correct its looseness associated with giving birth.

Other women also undertake this procedure to improve the appearance of their honeypot. The inner and outer lips, also known as the labia, typically loose their pink color as one grows older, making them a shade darker. Many women undergo surgery to fix this issue.

The growth of cosmetic procedures on the vagina has been rapid in the last five years.

This is according to the research done by The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Figures show that 60,000 of such surgeries are performed every year. Just ten years before that, it was unheard of! That tells you just how popular they have become.

Dr Janet Turkle who practices with Turkle & Associates Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons located in Carmel says that even though this form of surgery is not 100% mainstream, it is on its way there.

A doctor located in Indianapolis named James Brillhart even runs his own laser vaginal rejuvenation institute and advertises his institute with catchy phrases like “there are some places that exercise cannot just tighten.”

Vaginoplasty works by tightening the muscles if the vagina as well as the soft tissues surrounding it.

The average price you would have to pay to get this surgery done is $6,000 and the procedure would only last two hours without a chance of staying overnight.

Much as there is a lot of hype regarding this procedure, a woman who is considering going under the knife needs to do her research about all the pros and cons related to having it done.

Many women claim to feel sexually rejuvenated and empowered after undergoing the surgery.