The January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, the official magazine of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, alleges that breast lift surgery that includes implants may be performed safely in one operation. A study was done on 430 breast lift surgery procedures during the time period 2005-2009. Breast augmentation with implants was performed at one time in 332 of the cases.

Is it possible for Breast Lift Surgery to be Done Safely in One Sitting?

The median age of the woman was 47 and 1/3 of the patients had to undergo the procedure again following a previous plastic surgery on the breasts. Kentucky Surgeon Michael Bradley Calobrace and his research team analyzed the complications of breast lift surgery and the number of reoperations to determine the safety.

The total complication rate was 23%. The usual complication reported was breast scaring, breast sagging, and hardening of the implant capsule. These complications were likewise the reason for reoperations following breast lift surgery. The complications occurred more frequently in patients undergoing a second operation. Research also revealed those who had breast lift surgery only saw a 10% rate of reoperation. This varies slightly from the 13% reoperation rate because if tissue-related complications.

Benefits to Plastic Surgery in One Operation

Breast lifts are a common cosmetic procedure. Doing the augmentation in a single operation calls for technical advances. However, having the breasts lifted and augmented at once prevents the complications of two operations and dealing with the disappointing outcomes of two operations. Dr. Calobrace reports patients would rather not go through a staged operation instead of mastopexy and augmentation at the same time.

They conclude that breast lift surgery with implants can be performed at the same time which patients could discuss with their surgeon prior to the operation. Though the risk of complications is important to consider, they aren’t much greater than the risks of two operations.

Comment: Dr. Robert L True of Dallas, TX routinely recommends that both procedures, breast augmentation and breast lift, be performed at the same setting if possible. He usually performs these using the “Awake” method that provides even further safety for the patient. He agrees with the above conclusions and will continue to offer this combined procedure to his patients, especially after such confirmation of safety from this study.