Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

The aim of all medical treatments and therapies is the same — to provide you a healthy life. Hormone therapy is no different in this regard. It has been in use for many years. The objective is to provide relief to women experiencing distressing postmenopausal symptoms. It has numerous added advantages as well.

Hormone replacement therapy can work wonders for your physical and mental well-being. However, you need a qualified and experienced medical practitioner for advice and counsel. Understanding the following details may be of help.

What exactly is hormone therapy? Hormones influence and regulate every single part of the human body — the cells, tissues, organs and functions. Different glands are responsible for the secretion of different hormones. At times, this natural secretion may stop giving rise to certain symptoms.

After a woman comes to a certain age and menopause ensues, the body stops making estrogen. This therapy aims at introducing this hormone in the female body, along with progestin (an artificial version of the male hormone progesterone). Sometimes only estrogen is used.

Which method works better? Whether a combination of estrogen-progestin or simply estrogen works better depends on your individual case. Your medical practitioner is the best judge in this regard.

Only a qualified medical practitioner has the capability to understand your individual needs and prescribe Bioidentical hormone therapy as per your requirements. Discuss with him/her the case details like whether it is a natural or surgical menopause, what symptoms make you suffer, as well as your general health condition.

Who can benefit from it? All women who suffer from postmenopausal symptoms can opt for hormone therapy for better health. Whether it is a natural menopause, which occurs after a certain age, or it is a surgical one, post hysterectomy, you may undergo this therapy. However, an initial consultation with your doctor is essential.

Women who experience premature menopause (before they are 40 years of age) can also benefit from the therapy. You can also make use of its advantages if you suffer from premature ovarian failure.

What are the advantages? The chief benefit of this therapy is that it provides relief from the disturbing symptoms of menopause. This includes hot flashes and subsequent sleep loss. Discomforting symptoms like vaginal dryness, burning or itching and problems during intercourse also reduce significantly.

Apart from this, the therapy decreases the risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer. Women who go through menopause also suffer from bone loss. This therapy aims at reducing this loss and thus enhances immunity against osteoporosis.

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