Research by Dr. Ronald DePinho has discovered a new method of reversing the aging process. He used mice who had lost their intelligence, noted by poor mental tests and shrunken brains on exam. In addition, they had become infertile and had lost their desire for sexual activity. Their hair was dull and gray, and their vision was dimming with loss of peripheral vision. If this sounds like the aging process, you’re right. The study was discussed on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.

He then gave these mice a special compound that acted on a part of the DNA that activates a hidden part of the DNA to produce an enzyme called telomerase. The result was a reversal of all these signs of aging. The mice’s intelligence not only came back, but it reverted back to youthful status. The shrinkage of the brain reversed, their hair became shiny and thick again, and there eyesight returned. In addition, they became sexually active again and fertility returned.1

One could say that Dr. DePinho turned on a “switch” in the mice’s DNA that told the cells to “live forever”. It appears to do this by repairing the DNA. The result clinically is a restoration of organ function; preserving energy, vigor and healing power to youthful levels.

This age reversing miracle is available today and you can benefit from its “fountain of youth” reactivating abilities. There are clinically proven ways for you to make these changes in your own body. Here’s how it works.

On the ends of every one of our DNA (genes) molecule is an area called the telomere. This area keeps the DNA healthy by repairing parts of the DNA. This is kind of like maintenance of the DNA molecule so it functions properly. Unfortunately, when our cells produce more cells (replicate) to rejuvenate or repair our body (wear and tear over the years); a very small piece of the telomere does not survive. Thus, over the years, the telomere shortens. As it shortens, its ability to maintain the health of the DNA lessens, resulting in the degenerative changes we see as we age.

We now know that the telomere also needs maintenance, and the enzyme that does this is called telomerase. Unfortunately, the part of the DNA that produces telomerase is asleep in our bodies, i.e. the “switch” is turned off. We now have the ability to turn the “switch” back on to produce telomerase, which can then restore and repair the lengths of the ends of your DNA. The result is a healthier DNA and potentially a reversal of the aging process.

There are hundreds of studies that support the theory that longer telomeres restore your youth longer. These studies show how lengthening your telomeres improve the health of organs and decrease the risks of developing cancers.

Brain: “brain shrinkage”, which naturally happens as you get older, was reversed and brain size reverted back to normal when this switch was turned on.2

Breast: breast cancer cells have shorter telomeres than normal cells.3

Heart: death rate from heart attack was 3 times higher for me and 2.3 times higher for women whose telomeres were shorter. 4 In other words, the shorter your telomere length, the higher your risk of dying from a heart attack.

Gastrointestinal tract: colon cancer cells have shorter telomeres than normal cells in your intestines.5 Cancers of the mouth was shown to begin in cells with short telomeres.6

Bladder: a Harvard research team discovered that having short telomeres nearly doubled the risk for bladder cancer.7

Immune cells: people with shorter telomeres in their immune cells had twice the risk of death from heart failure compared with people with longer telomeres.8

Centenarians: 100 year old people, in good health had “significantly longer” telomeres than those with health problems.9

The message is very clear: when you preserve telomere length, you preserve life and your organs stay “younger”. Here are ways to rebuild the telomere, reactivate the telomerase enzyme, and potentially kick off a series of changes in your body that repairs your aging DNA. The following have been shown to lengthen telomere length:

TA-65: an extract from a Chinese herbal medicine that appears to turn the “switch” on to make your cells produce telomerase.

Antioxidants: includes high dose Vitamin C, Omega 3 FFA, Resveratrol, DHEA, Melatonin

Anti-inflammatory agents: includes Quercetin, Omega3 FFA, Curcumin

Exercise on a regular basis

Healthy diet full of vegetables and fruits

Hormone optimization

Weight management

Thus, although we all will get older, the degenerative effects from the aging process may be reversed when you embrace all these actions. You can regain control of your own genetic code and give yourself more youthful levels of energy, stamina and performance while improving the health of your heart, lungs and brain. Call our office at 817-399-8783 to learn more about staying young, otherwise called “anti-aging”.

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