Getting a bald patch can shatter your confidence especially if it’s too early for your years. Do not panic; there are effective solutions to treat your condition. Various surgical and non-surgical procedures help hair restoration. However, before you choose any of them, be sure to consult with a medical practitioner.

Many consider follicular unit extraction to be the best possible solution for hair restoration. Let’s discuss the method, the effects, the pros and cons and other aspects of this particular surgery.

How does it work? The follicular hair shafts, from the back of the head, are harvested and re-implanted, in the bald area, immediately. The follicular shafts at the back of the head are genetically designed to resist baldness. Therefore, these offer you a permanent solution for baldness at the top of the head.

Is it safe? Yes. You may experience discomforting symptoms like numbness or soreness after the surgery. However, these go away almost within the day.

Is it painful? No. Application of local anesthesia makes the areas numb. You do not experience any sort of pain during the actual grafting procedure.

How long will it take? This depends on the amount of hair grafting. While grafting over a small area takes a few hours, it may take a full day if the bald area is larger.

What recovery time is necessary? The incisions made during the surgery are very small. You can go back to your regular activities within a few days. Restrictions may apply if your skin is too sensitive.

What effects does it have? Hair restoration can help rectify a bald patch, give you a full head of hair, or a better hairline. Whatever your aim, talk to your surgeon and ask him whether it is possible to achieve what you want exactly.

Does it look natural? This is the most important factor. It is completely natural — this is why hair restoration for self confidence is so popular!

What are the advantages? It is permanent, safe and effective. Do you need more reasons to choose this procedure? For all those afraid to undergo surgical procedure, this process is perfect — it doesn’t hurt. And the best part is yet to come — the hair actually starts to grow after a few months. So there’s no need to opt for any other procedure later.

What are the costs? This, again, depends on the grafting area. Usually, surgeons charge on the per graft basis. However, if it’s a large patch, you may also get the procedure done as a whole basis.

Whatever type of hair restoration you wish to achieve, it is necessary to talk to a competent medical practitioner with adequate qualification, certification and experience beforehand. Call us at 817-399-8783 to get in touch with a specialist.