Before and After NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Before and After NeoGraft Hair Restoration

All of us wish to have fuller hair that we can style any way that we want to. Unfortunately, many people, especially men, tend to develop balding areas that negate this idea. Having a full head of hair had remained simply wishful thinking for many until the advent of hair restoration procedure using hair grafts and also possibly hormone therapy. Hair grafting has proven to be a boon for both men and women suffering from hair loss and thinning. Premature balding has also become a common problem faced by many people who lose more than just their hair as it causes irreparable damage to their self esteem as well.

However, all these stresses have become a thing of the past with hair transplantation that offers a fast and easy solution to get back lost hair and confidence. Since hair grafts are actually hair follicles that are inserted into the patient’s scalp after making a tiny incision, these are literally indistinguishable from natural hair once they grow up.

NeoGraft Hair Grafts versus Strip Method Hair Inserts

The most advanced technique to performing the best hair restoration procedure is using the NeoGraft Hair Graft procedure. Here, no large incisions are made in the back of the scalp such as with the “Stripe” method. Instead, each individual follicle is isolated, individually removed to below the bulb (or root), and then reinserted into the balding areas by using the new NeoGraft Micro technique. The procedure is performed while you’re awake using only a local anesthetic. You can thus return to normal activities within a day or two without suffering from the pain or potential complications of the Strip method.

With the older Strip method, a large strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head from one side to the next. The follicles in the strip of scalp are then cut up and reimplanted into the scalp. The scalp must be sutured and allowed to heal, thus the downtime is a lot longer. In addition, this method is much more painful than the NeoGraft method and has more potential complications, such as excessive bleeding postop. The new NeoGraft method has almost entirely eliminated these problems.

Useful tips for hair restoration

The appearance of the hair after reimplantation of the hair grafts depends largely on the skill of the surgeon. To get a good hair transplant result it is extremely important that you select an experienced surgeon and center who you feel comfortable with performing the procedure.

Some important tips that you need to keep in mind before opting for hair restoration by hair grafts are given below

  • Take time to do a thorough research of the best hair grafting clinics in your city. Next, make sure that you go to a highly experienced surgeon who knows about every nuance pertaining to the procedure. Before finalizing the clinic and the doctor, take a consultation appointment to clarify any doubts that you have regarding hair restoration so that you do not rush into it.
  • Do not hesitate to ask about the after effects of the surgery, the recovery time, medications that you may need to take and the number of grafts that you will require. While at it, ask about the after care needs and how long it will take for your grafts to grow completely. Usually it takes nearly three to five months for new hair to come out.
  • Once you have got a hair restoration job, follow your surgeon’s advice to the tee to avoid any complications.

If you have been wanting a more permanent solution to your balding or thinning areas of your hair, schedule a consultation for the NeoGraft hair restoration technique to see if you’re a candidate. Call us at 817-399-8783 for an appointment today.