A Japanese study has shown that there are no such remedies that free dermal fat grafts (FDFG) are effective in producing long term cosmetic results in women who are worried about their breast size. It makes women undergo a partial mastectomy involving the inner upper quadrant. This has proven to be a success among women having slim and small breasts.

It has been found out that FDFG undergoes a mild degeneration to the fibrous tissues that results in excellent cosmetic outcome in almost 90 percent of the patients. Factors that were taken into account in this study were breast size, its shape and softness along with the color, shape and size of the nipple areola complex.

The research was conducted on a total of 22 breasts in 21 Japanese women who were between the age group 38-70. This procedure involved FDGD was produced from the lower abdomen so that the breast’s natural shape could be retained. The derims were facing the surface of the major pectoral muscles.

It has been found that the results persist at least for 6 months and from one to five years if all steps of the procedure are completed. The results are an outcome of trying out the procedure on 20 patients and the method that had been implanted had been supported Japanese Breast Cancer Society. There were excellent to average outcomes but no poor outcomes were noted.
Some of the limitations that might very seldom occur are short observation and the inability to evaluate cosmetic outcome after the radiation therapy.

However, the technique provides satisfactory results and this technique can also be undertaken by patients who wish to maintain their breast volume after partial resection. Therefore it can be rightly said that the research that had been conducted on whether fat grafts give lasting results to breast repair, has received a positive response.

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