Recently, the FDA approved the use of Botox for wrinkles along the sides of the eyes, otherwise called crow’s feet. We all know that as we get older, changes in our facial skin occur. One of these changes is the appearance of these crow’s feet on the sides of our face.

These wrinkles are caused by contractions of certain muscles of the face, specifically the lateral orbicularis oculi muscles. The constant action of these muscles cause this area to wrinkle which, over time, can result in the noticeable fine lines or deep wrinkles in this area.

Botox can be used to relax these muscles and thus result in a smoother appearance of these crow’s feet. When performed appropriately, the muscles relax and allow the skin to flatten and not show the wrinkles or folds. One can still do expressions, which can recreate these wrinkles, but when these muscles are not activated, i.e. at rest, the wrinkles fade.

This new FDA indication for Botox is a confirmation of what we cosmetic surgeons have been doing for years. We have always treated the crow’s feet as an off-label use of Botox. Now treatment of these is no longer off-label and indicated for those who have these problems.

Botox is thus now FDA approved for multiple uses, including wrinkles of the glabella, crow’s feet, excess sweating of the hands, certain eye problems and a few other medical conditions. We still use it for many off-label uses for it is safe while it can change many aspects of a person’s face, including flattening of wrinkles of the forehead, raising the lateral brows, and improving the smile.

At our office, Dr. Robert True administers the Botox injections to his patients. We feel that the patients get a better result when an experienced doctor who continuously updates his abilities throughout the years will do a better job of injecting the Botox for each patient.

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It is with much sorrow we must share with you our wonderful physician, Dr. Robert True, passed away. Because his death was not anticipated, we are in the process of finding a physician to care for our patients and have a temporary physician and nurse practitioner in place. If you are in urgent need of your medical records, please contact us at 817-399-8783 so we may send you the legal medical records request form. We appreciate your patience as we work through this situation to try and maintain our practice.