If you are displeased with the shape of your belly, thighs, buttocks, or even your face, there are options available to you to do something about it. No procedure should be entered into lightly, but amazing advancements have been made to make cosmetic betterment safer and more available to a greater part of the population. Below are some methods you can talk to a doctor about.


Smart Lipo varies from traditional liposuction in that a powerful laser is utilized, which is routine in the fields of dentisty, reconstructive, and lasik eye surgery. The powerful beam of light is calibrated to liquefy and rupture fat cells, which are then siphoned out of the body through a small incision. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthetic, it carries much less risk, and results are faster, with less bleeding or bruising.


Liposculpture, including tumescent, hi-def, and facial liposculpture, is performed through the insertion of a conduit into small holes spaced over the desired site. Generally, a cross-hatch pattern is used to acheive a uniform result, as the fat is sucked out of the body.


This revolutionary technique uses a jet of water, pulsating gently, to dislodge and flush fat away. It has been shown to produce superb results and has less bruising and trauma associated with it.


This procedure is often used in conjunction with other body-sculpting methods, and requires the precise placement of the incision low on the abdomen, where it can be easily hidden by even a low panty. Excess skin and fat are removed and smooth, firm skin is restored, in many cases healing separated or weakened muscles due to pregnancy, aging, or previous surgeries.


A Brazilian Butt Lift is an augmentation gaining in popularity, wherein purified fat is selected from a donor area in the body, and reinjected in hundreds of sites in the upper part of one’s buttocks. The procedure results in a more youthful, perky profile, effectively lifting and shaping the patient’s rear.