Numerous observational studies have found out that vitamin D is associated with reduced risk of cancers like ovarian cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. U.S. scientists claim that Vitamin D reduces the chance of developing some common cancers by as much as 50 %. Vitamin D cut the risk of several types of cancer by 60 percent overall for older women in the most rigorous study yet.

Researchers have reviewed around 63 old studies ad have found out the effectiveness of Vitamin D. but experts are of the opinion that more hardcore research is required to draw a more firm and confirmed decision.

The research provides enough evidence that vitamin D is the single most effective medicine against cancer. It outpaces the benefits of any cancer drug that is known to modern science.

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from developing cancer is by treating long term nutritional deficiencies that lead to cancer. However, in our opinion, the U.S. government recommendations for vitamin D are artificially low.

The FDA has aggressively attacked companies who offer anti cancer nutrients or has totally censored the very mention of the word “cancer” by supplement companies. It at times seems that the FDA does not want people to prevent cancer.

Our opinion is that a world that is virtually free of cancer can be easily created if we focus more on taking tough action to outlaw cancer causing chemicals and investing in genuine cancer prevention education such as adequate nutritional supplementation.

After the research had been conducted, medical societies were favorable about the University of California study but they also at the same time mentioned that excess vitamin D could harm the liver and the kidneys. Thus, physician monitoring of your levels is recommended. The natural form of vitamin D is known as D3. This is usually is produced in the skin after the skin is exposed to sun light. But it can also be obtained from certain foods such as margarine, meat and oily fish.

The research made an in depth study into the relationship of the blood levels of vitamin D and cancer risk. It is also true that Afro-Caribbean people stand very less chance of surviving from , colon, prostate and ovarian cancers from white people. This is because possibly because dark skins are not as good at making vitamin D.

The papers reviewed, published worldwide between 1966 and 2004, included 30 investigations of colon cancer, 13 of breast cancer, 26 of prostate cancer and seven of ovarian cancer. Scientists said analysis showed that, for at least some cancers, the vitamin D factor could not be ignored. Taking 1,000 international units (IU) – or 25 micrograms – of the vitamin daily could lower an individual’s cancer risk by 50% in colon cancer, and by 30% in breast and ovarian cancer, they said.

Therefore, apart from maintaining your calcium balance, aiding in your cell differentiation, boosting your immunity, helping in insulin secretion, blood pressure regulation, vitamin D also helps in keeping off some common cancers like breast, ovarian, prostrate and colon cancer.

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