Aging begins on a cellular level. Each time your cells divide, a component of the cell’s DNA gets shorter. This part is colled the Telomere, and as your cell divide over time their Telomeres get shorter until they are so short,  your cells stops dividing. Once this happens, your cell division stops and they die. The slower your cells act, the older you look.

One concept of anti-aging is to focus on stopping your telomeres from shortening. This is where multivitamins help- women. A study of only women, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that those who simply take a multivitamin have 5 percent longer telomeres than those women who don’t. (1)

The usual American diet is filled with processed foods, sugars, starches, and hormone- and pesticide-laden meats and veggies. These foods are full of harmful chemicals and bad fats that fasten the aging and causes chronic disease.

The common problem that many people have is choosing from among the hundreds of vitamins brands out there, the one that will work for you. Here’s what to do:

– Go natural- a multivitamin whose nutrients are derived from nature’s best source must be chosen. For example, natural vitamin E made from food is far more effective than the one you find in cheap multivitamins that is a lab created look alike. The best ones are d-alpha, gamma or mixed tocopherols. Also, go for a multivitamin that’s free of dyes, preservatives, and unnatural fillers and binders. These artificial ingredients can interfere with nutrient absorption.

– Focus on bio availability- When nutrients are bioavailable, it means they can get through your digestive system and into your blood. And this is where they can start doing their work. This is critical because stomach acids and other enzymes can destroy the absorption of nutrients. So vitamin supplements must be formulated in a way to ensure they get into your bloodstream.

– Buy a trustworthy brand- If you can avoid Walgreens, Walmart, and your local grocery store. This is because they buy the cheapest ingredients on the international market. These tend to be synthetic. And when it comes to your best health, this is one place where I don’t recommend cutting corners.

But the most common problem that arises is that most of the multivitamins do not contain a particular ingredient or nutrient that you need the most. It is not only the vitamins that matter. Your body needs critical nutrients and co-factors that work together with the vitamins for your body to properly absorb them.

Boosting the levels of vitamins within your blood thus is very beneficial. We recommend a high quality vitamin supplement, such as Multilogics Iron Free Multiple vitamins from Physiologics. They have increased most all the vitamin amounts way above the minimum recommended daily allowances (RDA) for the best effects.  Here are some examples of the difference between the RDA values which you see in most brands, and the amount given with Multilogics vits?

RDA Values vs. MultiLogics Iron Free High Potency Vitamins

Nutrient    RDA*  Amunt in Multilogics % of RDA
Vitamin A 500 IU  15,000 IU   3,000%
Thiamin 0.9 mg 75 mg8,333%
Zinc 6.8 mg 10 mg 447%
Folate 320 mcg 400 mcg 125%
Riboflavin0.9 mg   75 mg 8333%
Manganese45 mcg 1000 mcg 2222%


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