All women wish to have shapely and fuller breasts. Whether you are an adult or a teenager you must dream of having beautiful breasts. Those who have nice large breasts are undoubtedly confident about their looks. Having fuller breasts and looking attractive is not merely a coincidence. It depends on genetics primarily. However to some extent it also depends on the way you take care of the breasts.

Those who don’t possess shapely breasts should not get upset as there are numerous solutions to this problem including awake breast augmentation. But first you need to know the reasons behind small breast. Knowing the exact reason will help you to opt for the right solution.

Genetics: The first and foremost reason behind flat chest is undoubtedly genetics. Gene pool determines everything starting from you height, hair texture, skin color to the sized of breast. If small breast is a common problem in your family you may not escape it.

Aging: With aging your breasts start losing its firmness and shape because skin loses elasticity with time. The loss of fullness in the bosom is one of the worst results of aging.

Pregnancy and Lactation: Pregnancy is a common reason behind flat chest. The breast swells during pregnancy and they become fuller so that the mother can feed the baby who is going to be born. The act of breast feeding the baby is known as lactation. But the skin is stretched out as soon as the process comes to an end.

There can be many solutions to small breasts. The solutions may include both surgical and non-surgical methods. You may wear a padded bra that will give your breast a fuller look with cleavage. You may also opt for breast implantor breast augmentation as a permanent solution to your problem.

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