While it is a relatively new type of cosmetic surgery, labiaplasty has quickly become popular with adult women who are dissatisfied with the size and shape of their labia. There are a surprising number of women who are not pleased with the way their labia minora looks, and many times this dissatisfaction is due to the feeling that the labia are too large. This condition may be congenital, or it may come about with the birth of children or aging. In other cases, large labia can interfere with sexual pleasure and actually cause pain during intercourse. In either of these situations, labiaplasty can be a useful procedure.

Women who are the best candidates for this type of surgery often come to seek the surgery for a number of reasons. Those who have large labia and want intercourse to be more pleasurable and less painful are good candidates for labiaplasty. There are also women who simply feel embarrassed about the size of their labia and the way they look if they want to wear tight clothing, for instance. They may also feel embarrassed with sexual partners. Women who fall into this category are also good candidates for this surgery. It is possible that some women have labia that are asymmetrical to the point that they are embarrassed about it. These women would be wise to seek the surgery, which will help to reshape their labia and make them more contoured. Women who are experiencing self-esteem issues because of the size or shape of their labia are good candidates as well. Some women seek this surgery because they simply want more sensation during intercourse. This is accomplished by reducing the amount of skin on the clitoris, and is a form of labiaplasty known as a clitoral hood reduction. These women may also be appropriate candidates.

There are many reasons for women to seek labiaplasty. Women who seek this procedure often feel that they are lacking in quality of life in some area. This type of surgery can address these issues and help women to feel more confidence and self-esteem, and also increase the quality of their sexual experiences. It is important that women who are good candidates for this surgery not feel ashamed of seeking help with these issues and understand that labiaplasty, when performed by a professional, can vastly improve how they feel about themselves and the ways in which they relate to others.