If your figure does not comply with your idea of perfection, there is no reason to fret over it. Many individuals have uneven distribution of fat on their body, which mars their appearance. No amount of dieting and exercise seem to work. If you consider this a disadvantage, you can consider a surgical procedure to rectify it.

Getting a clear idea about body contouring is important. Here are a few of the common questions in this regard.

Are you a good candidate for the procedure? Your surgeon is best suited to provide the right answer to this question. Usually, an individual without any health complications can undergo this surgery.

What happens during the surgery? You can undergo this operation with general anesthesia or medications to numb the area. The three steps involved in the procedure are as follows:

1) Applying of antiseptics on both sites, i.e. from where the surgeon would extract the fats cells and to where he would inject these cells.

2) Next, the surgeon removes the fat cells from certain parts of your body (stomach, buttocks and thighs) using liposuction.

3) The last step is to inject the fat cells, after purification, in the necessary places.

What do you do in the post-operative stage? Follow the instructions of your surgeon. Get someone to drive you home after the surgery, and opt for domestic help for the first few days. You would also need to refrain from strenuous activities, sun exposure, etc.

What are the results? As this procedure utilizes your own body cells, the chance of infections and allergies minimize. However, it also makes the results unpredictable. Your body absorbs most of these fat cells. It may be necessary for you to undergo repeated operations for permanent results.

What are the risks involved? The risks are considerably lesser for this surgery. You may experience some swelling and bruising, however, these only stay for a few days. In case you experience any problems, get in touch with your doctor immediately.

If you want to get this surgery done, it is imperative to consult a qualified, certified and experienced surgeon. To know more about the way the process could help you, call 817-399-8783 or visit http://www.truemd.com/.