A Toronto based plastic surgeon sees some different trends in breast augmentation surgery in his Toronto based plastic surgery practice from those in USA.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that in 2011 breast augmentation surgery was the second highest cosmetic surgical enhancement in America with 316,848 procedures performed, exceeded only by liposuction which numbered 326,332. While the former procedure was exclusively for women, the later was distributed between men and women.

In Dr. Lawrence Tong’s Toronto based practice, however, breast augmentation was the most popular of the cosmetic procedures.

With so many breast augmentations performed in America in 2011, it showed how little impact the breaking PIP scandal in Europe had in America during the year. The reason lay in the French made PIP breast implants not being cleared by FDA for use in America.

As per ASAPS, the proportion of saline and silicone implants used in breast enhancement in USA was 31% and 61% respectively. But in Dr Tong’s Toronto based practice, the silicone implants’ share was more than 95% showing its remarkable dominance there.  Dr Tong attributes less use of silicone implants in USA to FDA’s ban on it till about a few years ago.

The Toronto based surgeon has witnessed another trend in his practice that women are increasingly going for cohesive silicone gel implants, commonly known as gummy bear implants. These implants have rubbery consistency and can be formed into a tear drop shape which can hold over a long time.

Gummy bear implants which were developed in 1990s, have been widely used in Europe in the last ten years. But in America, FDA has approved only the Silimed brand of cohesive gel implants and the other brands are now going through clinical tests under a few specified surgeons.

The cohesive silicone gel implants have both advantages and disadvantages and these are briefly:

Advantages :

1)  Being composed of cross linked silicone particles, they retain their shape over time unlike saline and silicone implants which may not have form stability and tend to become round shaped due to pressure from skin and adjoining body tissues.

2)  Due to cohesive property  they do not spread inside the body even if the outer shells rupture.

3)  They can be more easily moulded inside a body type , thus becoming more comfortable.

4)  Being more cohesive, the inner gel does not create much pressure on the outer shell  avoiding rupture or collapse and  consequent rippling effect  on the body surface.

5)  The rate of scar tissue build up and hardening around the implants which may be painful and require surgery, is much less than other silicone implants.

Disadvantages :

1)  The cohesive silicone gel  implants are much more expensive than other types of implants

2)  They are firmer than other implants and may be uncomfortable when the covering tissues are  not enough in volume

3)  Being firmer, they require bigger incision to put them in position.

If and when the new brands of cohesive silicone gel implants (apart from approved Silimed brand) are cleared by FDA in future, more information will be available and these brands might turn out to be highly popular in America.

[Source: This write up was sourced from the article €œToronto Plastic Surgeon on Latest Breast Augmentation Trends” dated June 20, 2012 by Market Wire]

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