Suzanne Somers

Suzanne Somers

At a recent Anti-Aging conference that Dr. True attended, Suzanne Somers spoke of the new movement that is happening regarding anti-aging. Suzanne Somers has become the face and voice of alternative methods to help women feel good and enjoy a better quality of life. The movement she has spearheded with her past 4 books has introduced thousands of women to a better quality of life easily attainable if they take action. One of the primary actions is to reap the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Through Suzanne’s books, her speeches and the credibility she has built up over the past 33 years, BHRT and other anti-aging ideas have been brought to the forefront of modern medicine. These have also enlightened millions of men and women about available options in deciding on treatment protocols. She has walked her talk for decades and will continue to forge new inroads in Medicine.

I commend Suzanne for her efforts to publicize BHRT and the benefits that it offers. At my office on Heritage Avenue in Colleyville, TX, I offer many options of bioidentical hormone therapy to people who want to embrace a better quality of life. These options include pills, creams and pellets.

Most women prefer the hormone pellets because they feel more energy, have more vitality of life more libido on these than the other modalities. In addition, pellets are inserted every three months so patients do not have to apply creams every day. The pellets are inserted into a fatty area of her body, usually in the lower flanks areas, and a local anesthetic is used to numb the area so the procedure is usually painless.

BHRT is a type of anti-aging therapy that enables people to experience the vitality that they had when they were younger. We try to maintain hormone levels at a more youthful level to achieve this goal. In addition, using hormones for an extended period of time has been shown to decrease the risks of developing heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and colon cancer. Hormones do not increase the risk of developing breast cancer nore prostate cancer when taken correctly. They are thus anti-aging therapies because they can decrease the risk of developing these degenerative health problems, thus potentially helping people live longer and with better quality of life.

For more information of hormones and their benefits, call and make an appointment at 817-399-8783. If your are postmenopausal and your life is miserable due to hot flashes, fatigue, moodiness, painful intercourse, low libido, or you just don’t have that vitality of life anymore, BHRT could be the answer you have been searching. Just like Suzanne Somers, you too could benefit from this new therapy.

It is with much sorrow we must share with you our wonderful physician, Dr. Robert True, passed away. Because his death was not anticipated, we are in the process of finding a physician to care for our patients and have a temporary physician and nurse practitioner in place. If you are in urgent need of your medical records, please contact us at 817-399-8783 so we may send you the legal medical records request form. We appreciate your patience as we work through this situation to try and maintain our practice.