With the advance of modern anesthesia science, especially tumescent anesthetics, and reduction of associated risks, it is possible to have combined procedures for patients leading to some advantages to them.

There are people who have two or more cosmetic surgeries together with one common recovery time and anaesthesia application and a combined outcome. There are also other people who prefer to take the surgeries one at a time and sacrifice a common recovery time and anaesthesia and the possible joy of receiving a combined transformation.

In the later case, the reasons could be many –  lack of confidence in surgery procedures and outcomes, fear of recovery including pain & discomfort, not ready to bear the expenses at one go.

Lack of confidence which often goes with anxiety and nervousness, is prevalent in new patients and these feelings are less when there is a single procedure to face.

Once a patient goes through one recovery process and finds it manageable, he or she does not hesitate to go for a second procedure. For some patients, fitting in shorter segmented recovery periods in their schedule is also easier.

Meeting the upfront cost of combined procedures could be difficult for the patients and they may prefer to meet the smaller expenses at intervals rather than altogether.

The cosmetic surgeries on women who have undergone pregnancies and child births, the so called mommy makeover, may be performed together. However, using the tumescent modality, it may be better and safer to split the cases and perform them on different days.

In many cases, the mothers prefer to take the procedures one at a time, as in the case of Vicki from Orlando, Florida, a mother of three grown up children.

After raising the children, Vicki turned to cosmetic surgery to mitigate the effects of pregnancies and child births and to restore her self confidence. She was particularly concerned with the condition of her abdomen and the extra skin which stayed with her after she lost weight through exercise.

She did not like to continue hiding her condition always behind non revealing clothes and wanted to do something about it. She researched on the local practices and available procedures in the area and approached a qualified plastic surgeon with experience.

Vicki did not take up mommy makeover procedures earlier as she could not afford them but later in life, having a better financial situation she decided to go ahead.  She took up procedures one at a time, first tummy tuck followed up with cosmetic eye surgery. Performing the tummy tuck with liposuction (called lipoabdominoplasty) is probably the preferred method to give the best results for enhancing a woman’s figure.

Coming together of Vicki, the patient and the cosmetic surgeon was not only beneficial to her but also a pleasant experience and a “treat” for the doctor and his staff. As per the surgeon, Vicki’s enthusiasm and drive for life and the lifting of her spirit with each surgery appeared “almost magical and quite enchanting” to him.

The doctor also felt rewarded watching Vicki’s restoration of the self confidence and self esteem, she so much aspired for. Thus, creating a good relationship with a cosmetic surgeon you feel comfortable with is very important.

Vicki did not plan to have her breast done when she started, but still feeling young, is now considering to go ahead with it, to have a good outcome and enjoy the remaining years. Breast augmentation with or without a breast lift can be performed safely using sedation and local tumescent fluid, similar to the other procedures, allowing one to have a quicker recovery and back to normal activities in a shorter time. This technique is called Awake Breast Augmentation and is performed by skilled physicians across the U.S. (see more at www.awakebreastaug.net)

Vicki is appreciative of the service of her cosmetic surgeon who helped her to take care of her immediate concerns and also helped her to emerge as a more vibrant and confident woman. It was a typical case of the patient and the doctor working together and planning out the procedures aiming at her transformation based on her desires.

Another concern is vaginal looseness after delivering babies plus vulvar labial enlargement after pregnancy. A women’s sexual pleasure and self esteem can be enhanced through procedures such as vaginal rejuvenation and labioplasty.

Vicki says that while the planned breast augmentation with silicone implants would be the last procedure for her for the time being, she would keep an open mind for taking more cosmetic surgery in future. She puts her present thoughts about cosmetic surgery in these words: “I’ve learned to never say never.”

[Source: This write up is sourced from the article “Never Say Never to Plastic Surgery: Orlando Mother of Three on Mommy Makeover” dated May 22, 2012 in Marketwire]