People go for cosmetic procedures to look good, which boosts their confidence level and self esteem. Their post procedure inputs are important for the doctors and associated service providers to assess work done and future prospects of such work.

To know if people are satisfied with the procedures undertaken and feel happy about the outcome, broad based surveys are necessary. Direct interviews with the patients yield results superior to collecting information through questionnaires as the former leads to more thoughtful observations and more complete responses covering all items.

A study report published in the Journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, of American Society of Plastic surgeons in April 2012, based on a study conducted by Eric Swanson, MD shows that  the patients  who have undergone Liposuction, Abdominoplasty, or both , are in most cases satisfied of having gone through these procedures.

Liposuction removes pockets of fat from abdomen, thighs, arms and many other body parts. In conventional treatment, a saline based liquid with drugs, which controls pain and bleeding, is injected in the treatment location and through an incision, a small hollow tube is inserted in the fat layer which is broken up by moving the tube and sucked out. In Laser assisted or Ultra sound assisted procedure, laser or sound energies liquefy the fats which are sucked out.

Abdominoplasty improves the body contour by removing abdominal fat area wise rather than pockets and by putting incisions along bikini lines in the middle or lower abdomen and getting access to fat layers by peeling the skins. This is more comprehensive treatment and may be done alone or combining with Liposuction.

Out of 551 patients between January 2002 to November 2006, who went through the surgeries, 360 patients appeared in post surgery interviews at least one month after the surgeries (range 1 to 30.5 months; mean follow up time 4.1 month). Of the 360 patients comprising 305 women and 55 men, 219 had Liposuction (60%), 128 had Lipoabdominoplasty (36%) and 13 had abdominoplasty (4%). Mean age of the patients was 41.7 years.

The Lipoabdominoplasty i.e a combination of abdominoplasty and Liposuction was seen to be  most successful with maximum patient  satisfaction of 99.2 percent. 97.6 percent of patients stated that they would choose the operation again for themselves, with 99.2 percent stating they would recommend it to others. Lipoabdominoplasty patients rated the outcome as 9 out of 10 and Liposuction patients rated the outcome as 8 out of 10.

Lipoabdominoplasty and abdominoplasty caused similar level pain, but 42.5 percent patients said that discomfort level was within their expectations. These two surgeries were more painful than Liposuction. Pain duration was about 3 weeks on an average .The time off work was 16 days for Lipoabdominoplasty and abdominoplasty on average while Liposuction needed  5.7 days. Bruising took about 1 month to go and swelling stayed for 2 months in case of liposuction and Lipoabdominoplasty.

While 309 patients (86%) stated to have developed more self esteem after undergoing the surgeries, 249 patients (69 %) stated to have improved quality of life mostly after Lipoabdominoplasty and less after liposuction. This is expected as the former surgery is more comprehensive and removes more fat and creates better body contour making the patient more efficient in physical movements and activities.