A few months ago, I had the privilege to be a part of an MTV production with my patient Shelby. The MTV company had interviewed several other cosmetic surgeons in the area and I was fortunate to be picked. They said we were the most informative and friendliest one of all the doctor’s offices whom they had called.

The show aired over the last few weeks on the MTV channel. I have pieced together a few of the parts of the episodes in which we were involved to display here on my website. The video link is posted on YouTube, and you can click on the photo below to view it.

Shelby was a delight to work with. She was a very beautiful girl who had low self esteem, partly due to the way her breasts looked. We performed a breast lift and a breast augmentation on her and gave her beautiful breasts. The results were “amazing” as you can see on the last video below. The first video shows her with low self-esteem, the last one shows how her self esteem and self confidence has been boosted due to the breast augmentation procedure, which is true with many of our patients. It also demonstrates how she is enjoying her life even more and loving her new “boobies”.

Shelby confesses her low self esteem on MTV


I want to thank MTV for honoring me to be a part of their video show. I have a fabulous staff and they are the prime reason MTV picked us, plus I’m a nice guy and I feel I do good work. Like I tell my patients, “We’re Good!” My staff are all beautiful, have great personalities, are caring, are very professional, and the patients love them. I feel privileged to have the best staff around and I enjoy every day working with them.

(The following video is for private viewing only)