There are activities which American couples tend to do together, like going on vacations, attending social functions or places of worship. To this list of couple activities, as strange as it may seem, getting cosmetic procedures appear to be a new entrant.

Though there are no statistics yet maintained by either the American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) or the American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS). Representatives of both the associations say that there is anecdotal evidence that more couples are embracing cosmetic procedures at the same time or within a close period. If the woman takes the initial step and enhances her body and appearance using surgical or nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, many a times her partner is seen to follow suit and vice-versa.

Why does this happen? There could be many reasons, but the one that appears logical has to do with the old adage “˜Keeping up with the Joneses’. In this case, one’s partner is the Jones to keep up with. No individual would like to be left far behind his or her partner in looking good or beautiful and there is always an innate sense of parity within a couple that needs to be maintained.

Here is the story of Margaret, 55 year old retiree from Torrence, California, who “had lipoplasty on her waist, hips and upper and lower abdomen in September. One week later, her boyfriend with whom she was13 years together, had lipoplasty for himself.”  As per Margaret “He hadn’t thought about getting anything done, but after hearing how I would look afterward, he decided he should probably go ahead and have a little something done too.”

As per a cosmetic surgeon from LaJolla, a good result for a wife after her procedure, makes the husband feel more confident and secure and leads him to explore. He adds that men often accompany  the wives or the partners when they come to consult with their surgeons, get more information, and usually start talking about their body features that bother them, culminating in a procedure.

In America lipoplasty, otherwise called liposuction, was the number one cosmetic surgery procedure in 2011 as per the statistics of ASAPS,with more than 300,000 thousand cases done. It is very popular with men and women. While men usually use liposuction in their waist, abdomen, chest, the women may use it in any part of the body. The couple may choose liposuction but they may use it in different parts of the body, at about the same time or one after the other.

As per ASAPS  the top five procedures for women in 2011 were breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, cosmetic eyelid surgery and breast lift, while for men these were liposuction, nose job, cosmetic eyelid surgery, breast reduction and face lift. The couple may choose their procedures from the top five or some procedures quite different to suit their needs.

The President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has been observant of the husbands following their wives or vice-versa with cosmetic procedures and has also “seen several couples celebrate their anniversaries with cosmetic surgeries.”

There is also the story of Reita Greene, 59 year nurse in Rancho Palos Verdes who had a face lift in January and her 55 year old boyfriend of 16 years plans to follow suit. A few years earlier, Greene got a chemical peel and her boyfriend also took the peel. When she got botox, her boyfriend followed her.

The doctors who have been observing couple cosmetic surgery say that the couples are usually in the age range of late 30s and early 60s. Typically, the women are beyond child bearing age and want to regain the body they had before the children were born. The boyfriends usually want to look more youthful and better to match their partners’ looks.

 [Source: This write up is sourced from the article “Plastic surgery increasingly is a couples activity” by Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Time dated April 15, 2012 and “Statistics’ in the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery website]