Many mothers are turning to surgeons to correct stubborn weight gain, stretching, and sagging. All too often it’s difficult to drop baby-weight after giving birth–sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough. After all, your metabolism changes, and odds are a new mother is sleep-deprived and too busy to exercise. But modern mothers aren’t content to let themselves go, and sympathetic surgeons have answered their prayers with procedures tailored specifically towards new mothers.

It’s difficult to feel feminine when a once-enviable hourglass figure turns into something more resembling a pear or an apple, but a bikini tuck can be helpful in rejuvenating a new mother’s figure. This also helps with loose and or flabby abdominal skin newly mottled with unattractive stretch marks. Additionally breasts often lack thier pre-baby fullness, and may droop or sag to a disheartening extent. Surgeons offer breast lifts and augmentation to improve the appearance of breasts and mommy’s confidence. Even the face can be affected by childbirth–women experience dark spots, wrinkling, sagging, as well as a bit more padding, and all these things can be corrected by a surgeon as well.

Most women also experience vaginal changes after giving birth–feeling “looser” or even having an elongated appearance are common complaints, but there isn’t any reason a modern woman should have to live with these disappointments if she doesn’t want to. Mommy makeovers target unwanted vaginal changes as well, and surgeons offer Vaginal Rejuvenation to tighten the vagina, as well as Labiaplasty to achieve the more aesthetically pleasing appearance a woman craves.

It is not uncommon to experience post-baby blues, but being able to see yourself looking the way you want to look can help. It’s also been shown that trim women are paid more at work, and are even more likely to be treated with kindness by strangers, so having a mommy make-over is more than a little tweak to make you feel better. It might just improve every area of your life outside the home as well. Getting plastic surgery after child birth could well become the new standard. After all, you’re only as young as you feel.