Does your stomach bulge and you just can’t seem to get that flat tummy that you want? Perhaps you should consider a cosmetic surgery procedure called an abdominoplasty. There are many types of abdominoplasties, otherwise called Tummy Tucks, from a full tummy tuck to a mini tummy tuck. If you have a lot of excess skin and fat that falls down your belly, a full tummy tuck usually is necessary with a very long incision in your lower abdomen curving around the sides. If you have just a mild bulge with excess skin and fat in the lower part of your abdomen, you may be a candidate for a mini tummy tuck where the incision is shorter.

Many people wonder how a mini tummy tuck is performed. Dr. True created a video to show you how the procedure is done and how easy it is to get that smooth flat stomach that you want. Click on the photo below to see this video and learn more about mini tummy tuck cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Robert L. True is board certified in Cosmetic Surgery, specializing in Breast and Body procedures. If you would like a beautiful flat tummy with slender flanks, come in for an appointment to discover your options and see how cosmetic surgery can boost your looks and your self esteem. Call Dr. True’s office at 817-399-8783 for a consultation today.