Getting to know your doctor on a one-to-one basis is necessary before you undergo his/her treatment. When you are opting for a new doctor, one thing that could come of help before you go for an appointment is to have a look at the available information on him/her. If your doctor is a popular figure in the specific field, there are high chances of finding something on him/her from the news or other media sources.

When it is someone as popular as Dr. Robert True is, you are sure to find ample information from the media and news coverage. His appearances on the news help generate awareness about his path-breaking treatments in the field of cosmetic procedures, weight loss, and such others. The objective of his treatments is to achieve the health and well-being of the body and mind.

His appearances on the television show ‘Hot On! Health and Beauty’ is one of the major reasons that women have come to know the details of his cosmetic procedures. This discussions on Liposuction (how to use laser technology to melt away fat pockets), or on Facial Rejuvenation (how to use botox, microdermabrasion, facial fillers, chemical peels, etc) have been a revelation for many who were initially too afraid of these.

The New York Times article on the Dr. True’s successful Awake Breast Augmentation is also an important thing to take into consideration. While traditional methods opt for general anesthesia, he opines that this should not be the case in an aesthetic surgery. When your aim is to rectify a certain feature of the body, it is better if the person undergoing the surgery is aware of what the results would be.

Dr. True is also a well-known teacher and mentor when it comes to cosmetic and other associated treatments. His seminars organized on the national level makes it possible to understand his treatments in details. Whether you want a healthy and fit body or an enviable body contour, his expertise can come of help in these cases and many more. To know more about his treatments, visit or call 817-399-8783.